ZXYOO 4 Pack Oprah Style Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses – Fashionable Metal Spring Frame Computer Readers for Women and Men



Step into a world of stylish vision with the ZXYOO 4 pack of Oprah style reading glasses. These fashion-forward readers come in four on-trend colors – black, brown, rose gold, and silver – to coordinate flawlessly with any wardrobe. The sleek, square metal frames are lightweight yet durable, designed to hold up to daily wear and tear. At the same time, the spring hinges provide a comfortable, custom fit for all-day comfort. Whether you’re kicking back with a good book or working long hours at the computer, these readers have your eyes covered.

The ZXYOO Oprah readers block 100% of harmful blue light emitted from digital screens like phones, tablets, and computers. This protects your eyes from digital strain, fatigue, and disrupted sleep cycles. The UV400 lenses also filter out 100% of UVA/UVB radiation. Both blue light and UV rays can contribute to eye issues like macular degeneration over time. Now you can enjoy your devices without compromise, thanks to the ZXYOO blue light blocking coating.

Beyond blue light filtration, these readers provide magnification powers for clear, crisp vision. The lightweight polycarbonate lenses minimize distortion for image accuracy. Diopter powers range from +1.00 to +3.50, so you can select the right strength for your needs. Whether you’re nearsighted, developing presbyopia, or simply need an extra boost for small text, these multi-focal readers deliver. The scratch-resistant lenses retain their clarity while standing up to everyday use.

ZXYOO designed these fashion readers with versatility in mind. The four colored frames and magnification options make them easy to coordinate and share with family or coworkers as needed. Stash a pair in your desk, handbag, car – everywhere you need on-the-spot vision assistance. The readers fold for portability and come with a protective case.

Over 500 customers have rated the ZXYOO 4 pack a 4+ star product. They love the trendy styling and blue light protection. Here’s what fellow Amazon shoppers have to say:

“I love the beautiful colors and the fact that there are four pairs so I can have them everywhere I need them.”

“These blue light blocking readers really help with my headaches from computer work. Plus they look so chic on!”

“The metal frames feel very sturdy and well-made. The magnification is perfect for reading and using my laptop and iPad.”

“These fold up glasses are so convenient to throw in my purse and the case keeps them safe. The price for four pairs is amazing!”

Treat your eyes to fashion, function, and protection with the ZXYOO 4 Pack Oprah Style Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses. The metal spring frames make a stylish statement in any setting while defending your vision from damage. With magnification options, proprietary blue light filtration, and lightweight durability, these readers have it all. Order a four pack today and step into a world of healthy, happy vision!


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