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Tired of constantly switching between your reading glasses, computer glasses, and sunglasses? Want an all-in-one vision solution? Look no further than YIMI’s photochromic progressive multifocal reading glasses!

These innovative glasses feature lenses that react to UV light and change tint, transitioning from clear indoors to dark outdoors. That means you get the magnification you need for reading AND the UV protection you want in the sun – no more juggling multiple pairs of glasses. The lenses even block blue light from digital devices, reducing eye strain.

One Pair Does It All

YIMI’s multifocal reading glasses incorporate three zones of varying magnification into each lens:

  • Upper zone – 1.5x magnification for distance vision while walking, shopping, etc.
  • Middle zone – 2x-2.5x magnification for computer work, watching TV, and intermediate distances
  • Lower zone – 3x-3.5x magnification for reading fine print and close-up work

Just glance through the portion of the lens you need for each visual task. No more switching pairs or peering over the top of your readers!

The sleek, lightweight frames suit both men and women. Flexible temples and adjustable silicone nose pads ensure a secure, comfortable fit. The classic wayfarer design looks stylish while also providing optimal UV protection.

Advanced Photochromic Technology

YIMI’s photochromic lenses contain special molecules that react to UV rays. On cloudy days or indoors, the lenses remain clear. But when exposed to bright sunlight, the lenses darken to a bronze tint in seconds.

The tint provides glare reduction and blocks 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays up to 400nm. Once back inside, the lenses quickly return to their clear state.

This responsive tinting technology lets you seamlessly transition from reading indoors to driving, walking outdoors, or lounging in the sun. No more constantly changing glasses or squinting from glare!

Reduce Digital Eye Strain

Staring at screens all day can take a toll on your eyes. YIMI’s lenses block 35% of blue light emitted from electronics and fluorescent lighting. This helps prevent eye fatigue and strain when using digital devices.

The lenses also have an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare. Combined with the UV/blue light protection, YIMI’s glasses make working and viewing screens much more comfortable.

Durable, User-Friendly Design

While innovative, YIMI’s photochromic progressive glasses maintain a lightweight, minimalist aesthetic. At just 25 grams, you’ll barely notice them on your face.

The TR-90 nylon frames are flexible and durable – perfect for active lifestyles. Adjust the angle of the temples and nose pads to custom fit your face.

The glasses come with a protective hard case, cleaning cloth, and comprehensive instruction manual. YIMI also provides a 30-day money back guarantee and 12-month warranty. Enjoy vision clarity and UV protection with minimal fuss!

Give the Gift of Clear, Protected Vision

Know someone who’s always squinting and hunting for their glasses? YIMI’s multifocal photochromic glasses make a thoughtful gift for:

  • Bookworms and prolific readers
  • Computer users
  • Drivers
  • Crafters and hobbyists
  • Progressive lens wearers

Empower your loved ones to see clearly near and far, day and night. An all-in-one vision solution makes daily life that much simpler.

Don’t struggle with multiple pairs of glasses anymore! Get YIMI photochromic progressive reading glasses and enjoy hands-free, protected vision wherever the day takes you.


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