YIMI 2 Pairs Frameless Bifocal Reading Sunglasses – Fashionable Eyewear for Clear Vision Near & Far



Tired of swapping between your regular shades and readers? Upgrade to the YIMI 2 Pairs Frameless Bifocal Reading Sunglasses. These innovative sunglasses combine distance vision correction up top with magnification for reading down below. That means you get crystal clear vision whether looking far or near.

Sleek Rimless Frames for a Seamless Look

Ditch those clunky bifocals for the streamlined look of YIMI’s frameless bifocal sunglasses. The rimless design is modern and ultra lightweight at just 20 grams per pair. The transparentARC lenses measure 43mm tall x 60mm wide for full eye coverage.

Without visible lines or frame borders, the bifocal transition is seamless. The reading magnification is subtly integrated into the lower half of the lenses. From a distance, no one can tell you’re wearing bifocals!

The frame arms measure 145mm with silicone pads for a comfortable, non-slip fit. The classic black color complements any outfit from casual to formalwear.

Restorative Lenses to Protect Your Eyes

Don’t let the mag lenses fool you – these are serious sunglasses. YIMI bifocals block 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays with UV400 protection. The lenses also reduce glare and light distortion so you can see true, vivid colors.

Staring at screens all day can take a toll on your eyes. The anti-reflective and anti-glare blue light filtering coatings provide relief. You’ll notice less eyestrain, headaches and blurry vision when using digital devices.

The lightweight polycarbonate lenses won’t shatter if dropped and are scratch-resistant. YIMI bifocals are durable enough for outdoor adventures.

Magnified Reading Zone for Literary Bliss

If you struggle to read menus, price tags or books, the lower half of the YIMI lenses lifts words off the page. The optical quality magnified zone makes reading effortless at any distance.

Now you can:

  • Read in bright sunlight without squinting
  • Scan ingredients while cooking without glasses swap
  • See text messages clearly the first time
  • Enjoy books on the beach hassle-free

The seamless look also makes YIMI bifocals ideal for discreet classroom or office use. Boost productivity by banishing eyestrain.

Ditch the Readers – Enjoy Vision Freedom!

Never rummage for your readers again thanks to YIMI’s 2 pairs of bifocal sunglasses – keep one pair handy at all times. The compact folding design slips easily into purse or pocket.

The possibilities are endless with YIMI bifocals:

  • Read maps, museum exhibits, menus with ease
  • Reduce glare while driving day or night
  • View landscapes vividly on hikes or city tours
  • Look chic while reading poolside

The days of reader swapping stops now! Experience vision clarity near and far with YIMI frameless bifocal sunglasses.


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