WLLHYF 10 Pairs Silicone Nose Pads, Anti-Slip Adhesive Pads for Plastic Eyeglasses and Sunglasses



Stop Your Slipping Glasses with WLLHYF Silicone Nose Pads

Tired of your eyeglasses constantly slipping down your nose? Those plastic nose pads just don’t provide enough grip. Upgrade to WLLHYF’s silicone nose pads for a comfortable non-slip fit!

These innovative nose pads stick securely onto plastic eyeglass frames to prevent slipping throughout the day. The soft silicone cushions grip gently onto your nose without pinching, unlike hard plastic pads. The extra height adds stability while also relieving nose bridge pressure and irritation.

WLLHYF nose pads are thoughtfully designed for functionality and comfort:

Non-Slip Grip

The silicone material prevents glasses from sliding down your nose. No more annoyances or adjusting!

Comfortable Fit

Soft cushion fits comfortably on your nose without pinching. Relieves pressure and irritation.

Extra Height

Increased pad height adds stability and further prevents slipping issues.

Adhesive Backing

Easily sticks onto plastic eyeglass frames for instant upgrading.

Universal Fit

Fits most plastic eyeglass frames including reading glasses, sunglasses, and prescription glasses.

10 Pair Pack

Includes enough pads for multiple glasses. Share with friends and family!

Experience the difference of silicone nose pads. No longer will you have to deal with your glasses constantly slipping down and losing their place. The non-slip grip holds strong even during active use.

Ditch your uncomfortable plastic pads and upgrade to WLLHYF silicone nose pads today! Your glasses will thank you.


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