WELMEE Alsenor Blue Light Blocking Computer Reading Glasses – Red, 1.0x Strength



Upgrade your vision with the WELMEE Alsenor progressive multifocal computer reading glasses. These stylish red reading glasses feature a lightweight metal frame and polycarbonate lenses treated with a special blue light blocking coating to reduce eye strain when using digital devices. The 1.0x magnification strength caters to those with mild near vision difficulties. Protect your eyes while looking sharp!

Key Features:

  • Sleek Metal Frame: The Alsenor reading glasses feature a durable and flexible metal frame with spring hinges for a comfortable and secure fit. Available in a range of modern colors including black, gunmetal, red, blue, and pink.
  • Blue Light Blocking Lenses: The polycarbonate lenses include a special coating that filters out blue light emitted from digital screens. This protects eyes against eye strain, fatigue, and disrupted sleep cycles.
  • 1.0x Magnification Strength: Ideal for those experiencing mild age-related near vision difficulties that require a gentle boost when reading small text and doing close-up work.
  • Multifocal Progressive Design: The no-line multifocal lenses provide sharp vision at any distance – near, intermediate and far. Smooth transitions between zones.
  • Lens Width: 54mm; Lens Height: 34mm. Medium lens size fits most adults. Slim profile frame is both sleek and comfortable.
  • Anti-Scratch Protection: The lenses are treated with a special scratch-resistant coating to prevent damage and maintain clarity.

Upgrade Your Vision in Style

Stay protected and look stylish with the sleek metal frame design of the Alsenor blue light blocking computer glasses. The durable metal frame is comfortable to wear for long periods and available in fashion-forward colors like black, gunmetal, red, blue and pink to complement your personal style.

Many computer glasses feature chunky plastic frames that look clunky and unfashionable. The Alsenor reading glasses offer a slim, streamlined metal frame design that is both comfortable and complements your appearance. The transparent lenses are subtle when worn, allowing your eyes to stand out behind the glasses.

Enjoy Clear and Relaxed Vision

The Alsenor 1.0x computer reading glasses allow you to enjoy strain-free vision when viewing digital screens and reading. The precisely calibrated 1.0x magnification lenses provide a gentle boost to your near vision, reducing eye strain and fatigue. Objects up close appear sharper and clearer for comfortable reading and close work.

While many reading glasses only correct near or far vision, the Alsenor glasses feature specially designed progressive multifocal lenses. These provide graduated magnification that sharpens vision at any distance – near, intermediate and far. The smooth transition zones mean no distracting visible lines in the lenses.

The included blue light blocking lens coating offers superior eye protection when exposed to the blue light wavelengths emitted by computers, phones, tablets and other digital displays. Exposure to these high-energy wavelengths can lead to digital eye strain, fatigue, headaches and disrupted sleep cycles. By filtering out blue light, the Alsenor reading glasses allow you to work and view screens more comfortably.

Reliable Scratch Protection

Don’t compromise clarity with subpar scratch-resistant coatings. The Alsenor computer reading glasses lenses feature a durable anti-scratch coating to maintain crisp, clear vision without annoying scratches and scuffs.

The multilayer anti-scratch coating protects the lenses against scratches and damage from daily wear and tear. Rubbing against clothes or dropping into a bag will no longer risk ruining the lenses. Enjoy lasting clarity and performance.

All Day Comfort You Can Rely On

Designed to comfortably fit most adults, the Alsenor reading glasses feature a 54mm lens width and 34mm lens height. This medium, universally fitting lens size allows the glasses to sit neatly on your face without looking oversized.

The lightweight metal frame includes flex spring hinges that allow the temples to gently bend and flex when worn. This ensures a custom, comfortable fit that adjusts to the contours of your head. The soft rubber nose pads prevent any slipping.

Wear the Alsenor blue light blocking glasses comfortably all day whether working on the computer, reading a book, or tackling any close-up activity. The sturdy metal frame and flexible temples ensure a fuss-free experience.

Protect Your Vision and Look Great

With regular use of digital devices now an integral part of everyday life, it’s important to protect your eyes from the eye strain, fatigue and damage this can cause over time. Slip on the WELMEE Alsenor reading glasses to enjoy sharper vision, increased contrast, protected eyes, and an upgraded look.


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