Vooglam Oversize Square Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women – Fashionable Eyewear to Filter Harmful Rays



Feel fabulous and protect your eyes with Vooglam’s Oversize Square Blue Light Blocking Glasses. These on-trend frames make a bold fashion statement while guarding your eyes against eye strain and UV damage from digital devices and artificial lights.

Chic Oversized Square Frames That Flatter

Cat eye silhouettes are so last season. Go for a modern geometric look with Vooglam’s oversized square frames. The angular shape and thick bold frame expertly flatters round, oval, square, and diamond face shapes. The timeless black color works for any skin tone and hair color. Get ready to turn heads!

But these blue light glasses aren’t just stylish – they’re also designed with your comfort in mind. The acetate frame material is polished by hand for a smooth, lightweight feel. The arms are slightly extended to eliminate pressure on your temples. Fashion meets function with Vooglam eyewear.

Special Lenses That Filter Out Harmful Blue Light

What makes these glasses really special are the lenses. They use a proprietary blue light blocking lens technology to filter out harmful blue light emitted from digital screens, LED lights and other artificial lighting. This helps alleviate a range of eye issues:

  • Reduces eyestrain and fatigue from long hours staring at devices
  • Decreases dry eye, irritation, blurry vision, and headaches
  • Lessens oxidative stress on retina that leads to macular degeneration
  • Helps regulate circadian rhythms so you sleep better
  • Cuts down on UV damage to cornea and retina

You’ll notice the difference in eye comfort as soon as you put these glasses on. The crisp, clear lenses have just a hint of yellow tint to block blue light without distorting colors. You can keep browsing, reading and working for hours without eyestrain.

Lightweight & Durable for All-Day Wear

Once you get these Vooglam blue light blocking glasses, you’ll want to wear them all the time. Good news: they’re designed for just that with a lightweight frame and durable construction.

The acetate frame holds up well to daily wear and tear. Spring hinges add flex so the arms gently hug your head without feeling tight. At just 1.1oz, you’ll barely notice you have them on. The glasses measure 5.7 inches across so they provide full coverage to seal out ambient light.

Premium Protection for Work, Play & Relaxation

Whether work or play, Vooglam blue light glasses have your eyes covered.

Use them to protect your eyes when:

  • Working long hours on a computer, tablet or phone
  • Browsing social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Reading ebooks on a Kindle or iPad
  • Gaming on consoles, PC monitors or VR headsets
  • Watching TV, especially late night programming
  • Using LED fixtures and lights at home or the office

The blue light blocking technology also comes in handy after sunset. Donning Vooglam glasses for a few hours before bedtime helps avoid sleep disruptions from device use. Plus, they cut down on eye fatigue if driving at night.

With Vooglam oversize square blue light blocking glasses, eye protection and style go hand in hand. Order now to feel the difference!


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