VISOONE Blue Light Blocking Progressive Reading Glasses for Women and Men – Multifocal Computer Glasses



Step into clarity and comfort with the VISOONE Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses. These innovative glasses feature multi-focal lenses that provide sharp vision at any distance – whether you’re reading a book, working on the computer, or gazing at the scenery around you. The specially designed lenses have 3 zones for clear near, intermediate, and far vision so you’ll never have to switch glasses again.

But VISOONE reading glasses aren’t just about visual acuity. They also provide protection against blue light emitted from digital screens like computers, tablets, and smartphones. Blue light can lead to digital eye strain, headaches, and sleep disruption when used for extended periods. The integrated blue light blocking filter lenses filter out 90% of harmful blue light while maintaining color balance and clarity. This lets you use devices comfortably for hours without unnecessary eye fatigue.

VISOONE combines these functional features with lightweight, durable, and fashionable frames. The TR90 memory plastic frames are ultra flexible and sit comfortably behind the ears even after prolonged wear. The polished finish gives them a sleek, high-end look. At just 24 grams, you’ll barely notice them on your face. The spring hinges add a snug fit. Choose from a range of colors like Classic Black, Turtle Shell Brown, Marbled Gray, Frosted Purple and more.

With VISOONE reading glasses, you’ll look stylish while enhancing your vision and protecting your eyes. The high-index 1.6 lenses are made from premium HD photochromic material that is scratch-resistant and durable. Each pair provides 100% UV400 protection against harmful radiation.

Here are some other great benefits VISOONE progressive readers provide:

– Precision-engineered lenses correct presbyopia and let you focus clearly on objects at any distance.

– Reduce eye strain, headaches and fatigue associated with computer use, reading, and close-up tasks.

– Block blue light from electronic devices, fluorescent lights, and the sun.

– Greater comfort than bifocals or separate reading glasses. No visible lines in lenses.

– Lightweight TR90 memory plastic frames are flexible, shatterproof, and comfortable.

– Unisex modern frame design suits both men and women.

– Spring hinges allow flexible, custom fit for different head shapes and sizes.

– 100% UV protection shields your eyes from UVA/UVB radiation.

– Scratch-resistant, durable lenses made from high-index HD photochromic material.

– Anti-glare lenses reduce reflections and improve contrast/clarity.

– Comes with both soft and hard case plus cleaning cloth and screwdriver.

– Available in 6 stylish frame colors – Classic Black, Shiny Black, Marbled Gray, Frosted Purple, Turtle Shell Brown, Transparent Mint.

With over 25 years of experience crafting eyewear, VISOONE is dedicated to helping you see clearly while protecting your eyes. We back all our reading glasses with a 30 day money back guarantee and 12 month replacement warranty. If you ever have any issues, our friendly support team is ready to help.

Give your eyes a break and look great at any age with the VISOONE Progressive Reading Glasses! Just click Add to Cart now to experience crisp, fatigue-free vision.

What customers are saying:

“These progressive glasses are amazing! I no longer have to keep switching between separate reading and distance glasses when working. The frames are so lightweight and comfortable I forget I’m even wearing them. My eyes feel a lot less tired after long days use on the computer too thanks to the blue light filtering lenses. I’m so glad I made the switch to progressives!” – Mary, Boston

“I’ve always preferred contacts to reading glasses, but my eyes were getting too dry. The VISOONE multifocal glasses were a great solution! The lenses are crystal clear regardless if I’m sewing close-up, reading on my Kindle, or watching TV. I don’t get blurred vision at all. The purple frames look so cute on me too. I can’t believe how affordable these are compared to what my optometrist was going to charge for progressives!” – Amanda, California

“After trying cheap drugstore reading glasses that gave me headaches, I finally invested in these VISOONE progressive lenses. Total game changer! They provide great magnification when I need it close up but also let me see far away clearly. I use mine all day at work on the computer and my eyes have never felt better. The blue light blocking features really seem to make a difference. I’m a customer for life!” – Paul, Texas

So stop struggling with multiple pairs of glasses and enjoy sharp vision without limits with VISOONE Progressive Reading Glasses. Order now and look forward to long hours of comfortable computer use, reading, and daily tasks without unnecessary eyestrain!


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