VisionGlobal 8 Pairs Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses – Computer Eyewear for Women and Men



See Clearly and Look Stylish with VisionGlobal Reading Glasses

Tired of squinting to read text on your computer or phone? Do your eyes feel strained after long days staring at screens? VisionGlobal’s 8 pack of blue light blocking computer reading glasses allow you to read comfortably while protecting your eyes.

With lightweight square frames in 4 colors and magnification strengths of +4.00, these reading glasses come in a variety of fashionable and functional options. The blue light blocking lenses filter out harmful blue light from digital devices to prevent eye strain and fatigue. The anti-reflective coating also minimizes glare to reduce headaches and eye discomfort.

In addition to blue light protection, the ultra-transparent lenses offer high light transmittance, so you can see clearly without color distortion. The scratch-resistant lenses stay crystal clear, even with daily use.

At just 20mm wide, the bridge sits comfortably on your nose without pinching or leaving marks. The medium 143mm temple arms are designed to fit most head sizes. Silicone nose pads prevent slipping so your glasses stay firmly in place as you read or work.

With 8 pairs of reading glasses, you can easily switch styles to match your outfit and keep spare pairs everywhere you need them. Place reading glasses in your bedroom, office, bag and car so you always have eyewear handy when you need to read. The lightweight plastic frames weigh just 18g each for comfortable long-term wear.

Protect Your Eyes While Looking Stylish

VisionGlobal computer reading glasses allow you to follow your passion for reading without suffering eye discomfort. The blue light blocking lenses filter out the harmful blue-violet light emitted by digital screens that can lead to blurred vision, headaches and eye fatigue. By minimizing blue light exposure, these glasses protect your eyes so you can read comfortably on any device.

The anti-reflective coating also reduces glare that strains your eyes. Without distracting reflections, you can clearly see text on backlit screens and focus for longer periods. The result is improved reading ability with less headaches, dry eyes and eye discomfort.

While protecting your vision, these glasses also make a fashion statement. The clear lenses allow your eyes to shine behind trendy bright frames in a variety of chic colors. With 8 pairs, you’ll always have reading eyewear in your preferred style. Choose colorful frames for a bold look or black frames for understated sophistication. Whatever your taste, you’ll look great while enhancing your reading experience.

Key Features:

– Blue light blocking lenses filter out harmful blue light from screens
– Anti-reflective coating eliminates glare for clear vision
– Ultra-transparent lenses prevent color distortion
– Lightweight plastic frames for comfortable wear
– 8 pack with multiple magnification strengths
– Scratch-resistant lenses stay clear with daily use
– 20mm bridge width for secure fit
– Medium 143mm temple arms fit most head sizes
– Silicone nose pads prevent slipping

Improve Your Life with Better Vision

Never struggle to see again with VisionGlobal reading glasses. Protect your eyes while looking stylish. Place a pair of these blue light blocking readers anywhere you need them – at work, home, in the car and more. Your eyes will thank you!


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