vinmax Bed Prism Spectacles – Horizontal Mirror Reading Glasses for Comfortable TV Viewing and Book Reading While Lying Down



Tired of straining your neck and eyes trying to read or watch TV in bed? The vinmax Bed Prism Spectacles allow you to lie completely flat while enjoying your favorite shows, books, tablets, and more. Their unique prism lens technology redirects your vision 90 degrees so you can view things horizontally without lifting your head.

Newly Upgraded Design for 2023

This year, vinmax upgraded their popular horizontal reading glasses with an improved frame and reinforced packaging. The new lightweight TR90 plastic frames ensure long-lasting durability and comfort. The outer box was also strengthened to protect the glasses in transit. You can trust you’ll receive a flawless pair of vinmax prism glasses ready to help you relax.

Prism Lenses Rotate View 90 Degrees

These innovative glasses use precision optical grade prism lenses to turn your vision 90 degrees. Just tilt your head sideways to redirect your line of sight. Now you can look straight ahead while lying flat on your back. The horizontal view allows you to read, watch TV, use devices, and see everything within your periphery without straining your eyes or neck.

Prevents Eye Strain and Neck Cramps

No more struggling to prop your head up with pillows to view things in bed. The vinmax prism glasses eliminate the need to crane your neck at unnatural sideways angles. Their vision rotating effects also prevent eyestrain from constantly looking out the tops or corners of your eyes. You’ll avoid headaches and neck cramps for comfortable entertainment and reading.

Ideal for Bedroom TV Watching

These horizontal mirror glasses are perfect for bedroom television viewing. Just lie back with your head tilted sideways, and it’s like having a TV on the ceiling. Comfortably watch movies and shows without leaves your bed. They also work great for gaming in bed, allowing you to see screens clearly while reclining.

Enjoy Hands-Free Reading in Bed

Reading in bed has never been easier. The 90 degree redirected vision means you can hold your book above your chest and read entire pages without moving your head. Technology like e-readers and tablets are also easier to use since your eyes stay fixed forward instead of straining upward.

Thoughtful Gift Idea for Any Age

The vinmax prism spectacles make a practical, helpful gift for just about anyone. They’re ideal for seniors who want to read or watch TV comfortably. They also make great presents for avid readers, frequent travelers, or those recovering from surgery, injury, or illness. Anyone would appreciate the ability to lie down without neck or eye fatigue.

Lightweight TR90 Frames for All-Day Wear

The newly engineered TR90 plastic frame material is ultra lightweight and comfortable. It’s also durable enough for regular use. The adjustable arms ensure a custom fit suitable for nearly any head size. Since they weigh just 28g, you can wear the vinmax bed glasses comfortably for hours without noticing them.

5 Year Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee

You can try out the horizontal prism glasses risk-free with vinmax’s 5 year warranty and satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely happy for any reason, get a full refund or replacement pair. They also provide friendly customer service to answer any questions or help with adjustments.

Give your eyes and neck a break with the innovative vinmax Bed Prism Spectacles. Their 90 degree rotated vision lets you lie down in total comfort while reading, watching shows, and more.


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