VeryHobby Blended Bifocal Reading Glasses – Round Frame with Chic Two-Tone Design in Black and Clear



Struggling to see text and images up close? Rather than straining your eyes, enjoy relaxed reading and close-up hobbies with VeryHobby’s blended bifocal glasses. These round reading glasses feature magnifying lower lenses to make small print pop. The two-tone black and clear color design also adds stylish flair you’ll love wearing.

Bottom Bifocal Zone Magnifies Text for Strain-Free Reading

While ordinary glasses only correct distance vision, these bifocals include magnification for effortless reading and crafting. The lower half of the lenses feature +2.75 power to bring fine print into sharp focus. This allows you to read books, ingredient labels, craft instructions, and more without squinting or headaches.

The upper lenses remain non-magnified with 0 power for clear distance and computer viewing. The seamless transition between zones makes these bifocal reading glasses comfortable for all-day wear.

Lightweight Plastic Frames Offer Durability and Flexibility

While the lenses enhance your vision, the frames enhance your look. The round front and temples feature two-tone coloring for a stylish aesthetic. The black upper frames and clear lower frames complement each other beautifully.

The frames also provide comfortable long-term wear. Constructed from flexible plastic, the components gently flex to fit your head and sit securely in place. Rubber nose pads prevent slipping while sleek temples stay tucked behind your ears.

Overall, the smooth plastic composition offers durability while remaining lightweight on your face. The low-profile frame and clear lenses also expand your field of vision for minimal peripheral interference.

Ideal for Reading, Crafting, Inspections, and Computer Work

Whether at home or work, you’ll get a lot of use out of these magnifying bifocal glasses:

Reading – Books, newspapers, magazines, and other reading materials will become easy and enjoyable to peruse.

Hobbies – See beads, needles, models, paint details, and more with perfect clarity.

Inspections – Closely examine circuitry, electronics, jewelry, and any tiny components.

Computers – Reduce eyestrain when working on screens, both up close and at a distance.

Driving – Quickly read license plates, street signs, gauges, and maps.

Order Worry-Free with Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our reading glasses, and offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee. Try out these bifocals for reading, crafting, or detailed tasks. If you don’t love your new improved vision, simply send them back for a refund or replacement.

With sleek two-tone styling and magnification for effortless reading, VeryHobby bifocals make a great addition to your eyewear collection. Get crisp close-up vision while looking stylish at the same time!


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