Vepiant 2 Pairs Bifocal Reading Sunglasses – Men’s and Women’s UV Protection Outdoor Sun Readers with Anti Blue Light Lenses



Tired of constantly swapping between your regular glasses, readers, and sunglasses? With the Vepiant 2 Pairs Bifocal Reading Sunglasses, you’ll get the all-in-one convenience of bifocal readers and UV protection shades in one stylish, lightweight package – plus a bonus second pair!

These rimless bifocal sunglasses allow you to seamlessly view both near and far. The upper portion has clear distance vision for driving, walking, and outdoor activities. The lower magnified area lets you read books, menus, signs, and screens without squinting or strain. With two pairs, you’ll always have a backup when you misplace your favorites.

The Vepiant bifocal readers provide complete UV protection with UV400 lenses that filter 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays. Harmful ultraviolet radiation can contribute to eye conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration over time. By blocking UV rays, these sunglasses help protect your eyes and prevent long term damage while outdoors.

The tinted lenses also reduce glare and eye fatigue by limiting reflected and scattered light. See clearer and in true color rather than squinting against harsh light. The subtle tint gives just enough color to define shapes while maintaining clarity.

Whether sitting poolside, riding in the car, shopping downtown, or hiking through the woods, the Vepiant sunglass readers provide crisp, relaxed vision. You’ll never again have to miss out on outdoor fun because you forgot your readers!

With a sleek rimless frame, these shades deliver optimal lightweight comfort and style:

– Open rimless design is stylish and modern, complementing both men’s and women’s fashion preferences. Thin translucent arms and bridge keep the overall look trim and minimalistic.

– Silicone nose pads prevent slipping so the glasses stay firmly and comfortably in place. Adjustable temples ensure a customized fit.

– Durable TR90 frame material is flexible enough to fit small to large heads without pressure. Thin construction prevents bulkiness.

– Weighing only 16g, you’ll barely notice these lightweight readers. The comfort allows you to wear them all day without eye or nose fatigue.

The seamless invisible bifocal transition prevents any visible dividing line in the lenses:

– Gradual magnification change from top to bottom mimics natural vision

– No distracting line means others won’t know you’re wearing bifocals

– Allows you to smoothly shift focus between reading and distance

The lower power options accommodate prescriptions from +1.00 to +2.50 for reading and close work. The upper lenses have zero magnification for clear long-range vision.

Additional features:

– Anti-reflective coating prevents glare and eyestrain from ambient and artificial light

– Scratch resistant lenses maintain clarity after years of daily use

– Block 100% UV/UVB and filter High Energy Visible Blue Light for digital eye protection

With 2 complete pairs, you’ll always have backup bifocal sunglasses ready. Keep one in your car, purse, backpack, office – everywhere you need hands-free magnification! Durable and lightweight with UV protection and zero glare, the Vepiant bifocal shades are perfect for active lifestyles. See clearly near and far, outdoors and in, day and night. A must-have for everyone needing multi-range vision correction. Order yours today!


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