VENOAL Blue Light Blocking Reader Glasses – Stylish Computer Screens Filter Frames for Reducing Digital Eye Strain



Introducing the VENOAL Blue Light Blocking Reader Glasses, the stylish way to reduce digital eye strain caused by prolonged exposure to harmful blue light emitting from computers, cell phones, and TVs.

These premium reader glasses feature a contemporary round metal frame design that flatters all face shapes while providing the ultimate comfort and protection for your eyes. The lightweight 2.0 composite frame is both durable and flexible, able to bend and wrap around the unique contours of your face without applying uncomfortable pressure. Dual anti-scratch lens coatings ensure the glasses maintain their sleek appearance and effectiveness over time.

But style and comfort alone don’t make functional blue light blocking computer glasses. That’s why VENOAL engineered these readers with premium quality lenses that filter out 90% of high-energy visible (HEV) blue light (wavelengths between 400-455nm) that can lead to a range of eye issues associated with screen time. From digital eye strain, headaches, blurry vision, dry eyes, even long term macular degeneration, VENOAL blue light blocking glasses can help prevent and provide relief from these common problems.

Finally, computer eyewear designed for style-conscious users who value the health of their eyes. The classic round metal frame exudes understated elegance and suits both men and women. While some blue light blocking glasses look clunky or unattractive, VENOAL readers blend seamlessly into your wardrobe as an accessory you’ll want to show off. It’s subtle style meets preventative health.

Key Features:

Blocks 90% of Harmful Blue Light
– Proprietary lenses filter high-energy blue light wavelengths from 400-455nm emitted by digital screens that can damage eyes and cause strain.

Ultra-Lightweight Frame
– Flexible 2.0 composite frame is durable yet weighs next to nothing for unmatched comfort.

Spring Hinges
– Arms feature gentle spring hinges that flex for a secure and relaxed fit.

– Dual lens coatings protect against scratches and resist smudges.

Universal Fit
– Round unisex frame and adjustable silicone nose pads fit small to large faces.

Contemporary Style
– Understated modern design suits men and women.

Put the Brakes on Blue Light & Feel the Difference

We all spend more time than ever in front of screens for work, leisure, and communication. This excessive blue light exposure can gradually take a toll on our eyes in the form of eye strain, fatigue, blurred vision, headaches, and dry eye syndrome. Long term, it may also contribute to serious eye conditions like macular degeneration.

The VENOAL Blue Light Blocking Glasses serve as an invisible shield to filter out the majority of hazardous high-energy blue light. This prevents it from reaching the retina and causing damage. You’ll quickly start to feel the benefits, like being able to work long hours at the computer without eye fatigue setting in.

These blue light blocking reader glasses allow you to enjoy the technology devices we rely on every day, without having to suffer repercussions like tired, strained eyes. Just put them on before sitting down to work on the computer, watching TV, browsing on your phone, or reading an e-book reader, to gain immediate protection.

More Comfort, Less Strain

VENOAL designed these blue light filtering glasses for all-day wearability. The barely-there flexible frame rests gently on your face without applying any squeeze or pressure on your nose or temples to avoid creating additional strain.

Adjustable silicone nose pads keep the readers firmly in place while preventing any slippage. Spring loaded hinges on the arms move with you to maintain a secure and comfortable fit whether you’re stationery or on the move.

At just 20g total weight, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing the VENOAL blue light readers at all. Their feathery light composite frames beat out traditional plastic glasses when it comes to comfort. Enjoy superior eye protection from blue light without the burden of uncomfortable eyewear.

Sleek Style That Turns Heads

Just because they’re designed with function in mind doesn’t mean these blue light blocking glasses can’t be stylish too.

The contemporary round metal frame and arms give these readers an understated yet attractive look. The polished finish lends these glasses a hint of luxury that takes them from purely practical eye protection to sophisticated accessory.

VENOAL blue light blocking glasses blend seamlessly into any wardrobe so you can maintain your personal style while caring for your eye health. Their versatility suits both men and women.

Next time you’re complemented on your eyewear, you can proudly respond that they’re not just fashionable but also high-performing blue light blocking readers that reduce screen strain.

Shop Smart, Zero Risk

You can try VENOAL’s Blue Light Blocking Reader Glasses risk-free with peace of mind. They come backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee and 12-month warranty.

In the rare chance you experience any defects or breakages, just contact VENOAL’s professional support team immediately to solve the problem to your complete satisfaction. We stand behind our blue light glasses 100% and will work to make it right.

Experience the difference of stylish readers that cut out eye-damaging blue light. Your eyes will thank you. Scroll up and click Add to Cart now to order the VENOAL Blue Light Blocking Glasses!


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