Veda Tinda Vision Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Stylish Computer Reading Screen Eyeglasses to Reduce Digital Eye Strain



Do you spend hours each day staring at digital screens for work or play? Experts warn that excessive blue light exposure from devices like phones, tablets and computers can lead to digital eye strain, sleep disruption and other health issues. Protect your eyes and sleep better with Veda Tinda Vision blue light blocking glasses!

These stylish, clear lens glasses use advanced filtering technology to block 90% of harmful blue light while still allowing beneficial light to pass through. This reduces eyestrain, headaches and sleeplessness caused by extended screen time. The lightweight, TR90 frames won’t weigh you down or leave marks on your face, even after marathon gaming or binge-watching sessions.

Key Features

  • Blocks 90% of harmful blue light from 380-450nm wavelength
  • Allows beneficial blue light to pass through for circadian rhythm support
  • TR90 frames are ultra flexible, durable and comfortable
  • Anti-reflective, scratch/smudge resistant lenses
  • Unisex frame suited for women and men
  • Ideal for PC/laptop use, gaming, TV viewing and more

Say Goodbye to Tired, Strained Eyes

Extended exposure to the high-energy visible (HEV) blue light emitted by digital screens can take a real toll on your eyes. Studies show this short wavelength light can:

  • Cause eyestrain and fatigue
  • Disrupt your circadian rhythms and melatonin production
  • Contribute to poor or insufficient sleep
  • Lead to headaches and dry eyes

Veda Tinda Vision blue light glasses create a clear protective barrier between your eyes and device screens. The lightly tinted lenses use a multi-layer film to filter out 90% of harmful blue light while allowing healthy blue light to pass through. This makes them an ideal option for daytime computer use.

The frame shape and lens material also provide:

  • Glare Reduction – Subtle tint cuts reflected light and glare
  • Scratch Protection – Hard lens coatings prevent scratches
  • Smudge Resistance – Oleophobic coatings reduce smudging/fingerprints

TR90 Frames – Flexible, Durable, Ultra Comfortable

Flimsy frames that pinch your nose or ears are no fun to wear for hours on end. That’s why Veda Tinda Vision blue light blocking glasses feature durable yet comfortable TR90 frames.

TR90 is a high-tech thermoplastic material valued for its:

  • Flexibility – Easily bends and returns to shape
  • Strength – Much more fracture/stress resistant than regular plastic
  • Lightweight – Weighs 10% less than polycarbonate
  • Hypoallergenic – Less likely to cause skin irritation

The unwrap around shape and flexible spring hinges ensure a secure yet relaxed fit. You’ll barely notice you’re wearing them!

Universal Fit for Women and Men

Veda Tinda Vision blue light glasses feature a unisex frame with multi-angle adjustable temples to accommodate different face shapes.

Lens Width: 51mm
Bridge Width: 15mm
Arm Length: 140mm

This makes them a versatile blue light blocking option for both women and men. Their understated square silhouette complements casual, professional and gaming attire.

Where to Use Your Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Reduce eye fatigue and stay protected wherever digital screens are used:

  • Office – Block blue light from computers, fluorescent lighting
  • Home – Blue light protection for phones, tablets, TVs
  • School – Reduce eyestrain from classroom projectors
  • Gaming – Decrease fatigue during marathon gaming sessions
  • Driving – Dim glare and LED lights from dashboards

Veda Tinda Vision blue light glasses can be worn full time or as needed throughout the day. Keep a pair handy in your bag for instant relief!

Order Yours Today for Healthier Screen Time

Give your eyes a break and help maintain healthy sleep cycles with Veda Tinda Vision Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Order a pair today to reduce headaches, dry eyes and sleep disruption caused by digital devices.


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