Unicorn Magic! Rosy Ribbon 6 Pack Kids Eye Patches for Girls’ Glasses – Cute Pattern Coverings for Treating Lazy Eye and Strabismus



Does your little one wear prescription glasses for amblyopia or strabismus? Are you looking for a kid-friendly way to cover one eye for vision therapy? Introducing the Rosy Ribbon 6 Pack Kids Eye Patches for Girls’ Glasses with Adorable Unicorn Patterns!

Block Out Light for Effective Vision Training

These pediatric eye patches attach right over glasses to fully block light and visual stimuli to the covered eye. Ophthalmologists recommend using occlusion therapy to help strengthen a weak or lazy eye.

The total light blockage forces the amblyopic eye to work harder, improving visual acuity. Regular use trains eyes to align and focus properly to correct strabismus and treat amblyopia.

Soft Fabric for Comfortable Wear

Made of smooth, breathable non-woven fabric, these girls eye patches prevent irritation, overheating, and discomfort during all-day wear.

The lightweight material and elastic strap ensure the patch stays put without sticking. Your child can play, run around, and live life without dislodging the patch or irritating their skin.

Adorable Patterns Add Fun to Vision Therapy

What little girl doesn’t love unicorns and rainbows? These cute eye patches feature a pink background with whimsical unicorn designs to delight kids and make vision training less clinical.

The 6 different patterns allow kids to switch up the patch to match their outfit or mood. Your child will look forward to wearing their eye patches and glasses!

Perfect Size for a Custom Fit

With dimensions of 10cm x 5cm, these eye patches for kids easily adhere to most child prescription glasses. The oval shape and elastic strap allow the patch to contour the lens for a tailored fit.

The full coverage blocks peripheral vision and visual stimuli completely. Unlike adhesive patches placed directly on skin, the fabric barriers are non-irritating and breathable for long-term wear.

Patch Placement for Amblyopia and Strabismus Treatment

For amblyopia or lazy eye, the patch should cover the stronger eye to force the weaker eye to work harder. For strabismus or crossed/misaligned eyes, it should cover the eye that tends to drift inward or outward.

Consult your pediatric ophthalmologist or optometrist to determine which eye needs patched. Simple slip the Rosy Ribbon patch over the lens on that side for occlusion therapy.

Reusable Eye Patches

Saving money and reducing waste – the Rosy Ribbon eye patches are completely reusable! Just hand wash and air dry the fabric patches after each use.

The durable material stays intact wash after wash so you always have clean patches ready. At only pennies per use, they are an affordable option for months of daily vision training.

Bring Unicorn Magic to Vision Therapy!

If your daughter needs eye patches for amblyopia or strabismus treatment, choose the Rosy Ribbon Unicorn Pattern Kids Eye Patches for Girls! The cute designs make vision training and occlusion therapy fun while the soft fabric provides lasting comfort. Give your child a patch to be proud of wearing for healthier eyes and proper vision development!


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