TOJUMP Multifocal Progressive Men Women Retro Pilot Style Double Beam Transition Photochromic Reading Glasses



Struggling to view objects up close and far away? The TOJUMP Multifocal Reading Glasses provide seamless transition vision with classic aviator style. The reactive photochromic lenses automatically adjust to changing light conditions for optimal visibility in any environment.

Innovative Multifocal Progressive Lenses

The varifocal lenses are specially designed to deliver sharp, comfortable viewing for both near and distant vision in one pair of glasses. The upper portion keeps faraway objects in focus, while the lower section magnifies close-up text and images.

An intelligently engineered gradient between the two zones allows clear, uninterrupted vision at any distance. Simply glance down to read a book or across the room to watch TV without disruption. The TOJUMP Reading Glasses eliminate the need to switch between separate readers and distance spectacles.

Automatic Transition Photochromic Lenses

The lenses automatically react to varying light conditions by darkening or lightening the tint:

– Outdoors under sunlight, the lenses darken to a sunglass shade to reduce glare.

– Heading indoors causes the lenses change to a crystal clear tint for sharp visibility.

The seamless photochromic transition eliminates the need to manually swap lenses. Enjoy optimized viewing in bright and low-light environments automatically.

Classic Bold Aviator Frame Design

The lightweight aviator-style metal frame pays homage to vintage pilot glasses. The iconic double-bar top rim and adjustable rubber nose pads deliver a secure and comfortable fit.

Weighing just 18 grams, the durable spring hinges and silicone ear tips keep the frame firmly in place without squeezing your head. The low-profile wireframe construction spotlights the ergonomic lenses without obstructing peripheral vision.

Choose from multiple frame colors like silver, gold, gunmetal, and rose gold to match your personal style. The unisex aviator shape flatters both men and women. Whether you’re a guy channeling a classic Top Gun look or a gal with a flair for retro fashion, these glasses make a bold style statement.

Key Features:

– Multifocal Progressive Lenses: Upper far vision zone, lower near vision zone

– Varifocal Gradient: Smooth transition focus between distances

– Photochromic Light-Reactive Tint: Auto-darkens in sunlight, clears indoors

– Aviator-Style Wireframe: Double bar top with adjustable rubber pads

– Spring Hinges & Silicone Tips: Durable yet comfortable fit

– Universal Unisex Design: Sleek frame suits men and women

All-Purpose Eyewear for Work and Play

Ditch the inconvenience of switching between separate reading and distance glasses. The TOJUMP aviators are optimized for all-day wear whether you’re:

– Working on reports and glancing at your computer

– Reading paperwork then looking up to engage coworkers

– Checking your phone then watching TV on the couch

– Reviewing a menu then gazing across the restaurant

– Studying notes then watching the whiteboard in class

The seamless varifocal lenses have you covered from sunrise to sunset. Enjoy crisper vision and less eyestrain without disruption.

fortified Durability

Despite the lightweight frame, TOJUMP reading glasses are built to last thanks to protective features like:

– Scratch-resistant lenses

– Smudge-repellent exteriors

– UV400 filtration against sun damage

– Shatterproof polycarbonate construction

– Reinforced double-bar metal frame

– Impact-resistant spring hinges

These glasses can withstand drops, bumps, and daily use. Carry them anywhere without worry. The aviator shape also provides more lens coverage and protection compared to standard readers.

We Stand By Our Products

At TOJUMP, our goal is enhancing how customers view and experience the world. We stand behind the quality of materials and workmanship of our eyewear. That’s why TOJUMP Reading Glasses are backed by a 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us for a full refund or replacement. We aim to deliver innovative optical solutions risk-free. Transform your vision today with TOJUMP Aviator Reading Glasses.


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