Suncloud Fairfield Polarized Snowshoeing Sunglasses – Superior Optics and Visual Clarity for Outdoor Winter Sports



Hit the snowy trails in unparalleled visual comfort and safety with the Suncloud Fairfield polarized snowshoeing sunglasses. Designed for dynamic outdoor snow sports, these active sunglasses equip you with industry-leading lens technology to protect your eyes and maximize visual performance.

Advanced Polarized Lenses Filter Glare for Optimal Clarity

The polarized lenses are the standout feature of the Fairfield snowshoeing sunglasses. Through advanced polarization technology, these lenses effectively filter out blinding glare that reflects off icy, snowy surfaces. By eliminating horizontally reflected light waves, polarization allows you to experience superior visual clarity, definition, color transmission, and comfort when navigating bright winter landscapes. You’ll enjoy optimized visibility of the terrain and obstacles ahead of you. No more squinting against intense reflected light!

Polycarbonate Lenses Offer Impact Resistance and Lightweight Performance

In addition to polarization, the polycarbonate lens material lends critical benefits. Polycarbonate is extremely impact-resistant, preventing against bumps and debris, while also being featherlight. The durable yet lightweight polycarbonate construction allows you to wear the Fairfield sunglasses comfortably and securely all day long without any sliding or movement as you snowshoe over miles of trails.

100% UV Protection for Eye Safety in All Conditions

Shield your eyes from damaging ultraviolet radiation with 100% UV protection from UVA and UVB rays. No matter how bright and sunny the winter conditions, you can count on complete UV blocking. This helps prevent long-term eye health issues like cataracts while keeping your eyes comfortable all day.

Innovative Evolve Eco-Material for Responsible Performance

In a standout eco-conscious design, Suncloud utilizes proprietary Evolve material for the Fairfield sunglasses. This innovative material incorporates 53% bio-based content from renewable plant sources into the injected polymer frame construction. Enjoy lightweight durability and flex while reducing environmental impact.

Mirrored Lens Tint with Blue Mirror Coating for Snowy Terrain

See snowy landscapes in vivid clarity through the specialized lens tint. The polarized base tint is blue to improve visual contrast when snowshoeing across white snowy backgrounds. This amplifies detail perception. A multi-layer blue mirror coating is applied on top to further enhance visibility and color transmission. With 15% visual light transmission (VLT), these lenses are ideal for bright light conditions.

Secure Fit for Active Snow Sports

Snowshoeing calls for sunglasses that stay securely in place mile after mile. The Fairfield design delivers with adjustable nose pads to prevent sliding, along with hydrophilic rubber temple tips that grip securely to sides of your head. The durable yet flexible TR90 frame also contributes to a comfortably snug fit.

Versatile Fashion for Apres Adventures

While performance-driven, the Fairfield sunglasses also boast a fashionable look for after your snowshoeing adventures. The wayfarer-inspired design is complemented by angular colorblock temples. Wear them to the lodge after an epic day on the trails. Choose classic black or make a statement in the red Seabreeze colorway.

Suncloud Quality and Craftsmanship

For over 30 years, Suncloud has designed performance sunglasses that combine quality craftsmanship with protection and style. They are dedicated to their innovative Polaré lens technology to deliver best-in-class optics. As part of the world-renowned Bolle and Serengeti family of eyewear brands, Suncloud has a legacy of excellence. The Fairfield snowshoeing sunglasses uphold this impressive heritage.

Invest in Sun Protection for Winter Sports

Don’t underestimate the sun exposure and glare even during cold-weather adventures. Be sure to protect and maximize your vision when snowshoeing or pursuing other snow sports like skiing, sledding or snowmobiling. The Suncloud Fairfield sunglasses are specifically engineered to help you perform your best on sunny trails. Experience winter through a crystal-clear polarized lens with these rugged and stylish snowshoeing sunglasses.


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