SUGLSS Photochromic Progressive Reading Glasses – Automatically Adapt to Changing Light for Clear Indoor and Sun-Blocking Outdoor Vision



Do you find yourself constantly switching between multiple pairs of reading glasses and sunglasses to accommodate changing light conditions throughout the day? With SUGLSS photochromic progressive reading glasses, you’ll enjoy automatic light-adaptive vision whether you’re reading indoors, working on the computer, driving, or spending time outdoors.

These innovative multifocal reading sunglasses feature advanced photochromic lenses that quickly shift lens tint in response to different light intensities. When you’re inside or on cloudy days without direct sunlight, the lenses remain clear for optimized indoor viewing. As soon as you step into bright sunlight, the lenses seamlessly transition to a darker tint to filter out glare and harmful UV/blue light.

You’ll love the versatility and convenience of having adaptive sunglass readers in one pair of glasses. Keep them on all day for seamless vision during all your activities, without constantly swapping pairs.

Progressive Multifocal Design Provides Continuous Focus for Near, Intermediate, and Distance Vision

While ordinary reading glasses only correct near-vision, these progressive reading sunglasses provide magnification for near, intermediate, AND far distances in one seamless pair.

The bottom portion of the lenses feature full magnification (1.0x to 3.5x) to let you read small text easily. The middle zone transitions to lower magnification for computer work and watching TV. The top of the lenses remain clear with 0 magnification for distance viewing.

With progressive multifocal design, you’ll enjoy sharp focus whether you’re reading a book, looking at your phone screen, seeing the TV across the room, or viewing faraway objects. No more switching pairs throughout the day!

Premium Lens Technology Filters Harmful Blue Light and UV Rays

In addition to automatically adapting to changes in sunlight intensity, these reading sunglasses also provide critical protection against eye strain and damage from blue light and UV rays.

The advanced lenses block over 96% of harmful blue light emitted from digital devices and screens. This protects eyes from fatigue and irritation associated with prolonged computer use, nighttime smartphone browsing, and more.

You’ll also appreciate full UV400 protection that filters 100% of UVA/UVB radiation up to 400nm. This guards against premature eye aging and potential long-term damage from sun exposure.

Sleek Round Metal Frames for Stylish Protection

While the lenses pack serious performance, the frames bring classic style you’ll love wearing daily. The lightweight metal frame features a polished silver tone paired with black acetate temples. The round lens shape and keyhole bridge create a retro-inspired look.

You’ll also find the frames to be durable and flexible. Spring hinges allow the temples to gently flex for custom fit and long-wearing comfort. Rubber nose pads stay securely in place. The unbreakable metal composition prevents warping and damage so your glasses maintain their shape.

Whether you need vision correction for reading or want daily blue light protection, upgrade your eyewear wardrobe with these photochromic progressive reading sunglasses. The adaptive lenses ensure you have the right tint for every environment, while the multifocal design gives you seamless near, intermediate, and distance vision. Order a pair today to experience the ultimate in vision convenience and protection!


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