Stylish Photochromic Square Reading Glasses for Women – Computer & UV Protection



Look Fabulous While Reading Up Close or Outdoors with These Oversized Square Photochromic Reading Glasses for Women

Tired of constantly switching between your reading glasses and sunglasses? Want to look stylish while being able to see clearly whether you’re reading a book or sitting outside? Then our women’s photochromic square reading glasses are perfect for you!

These oversized square reading glasses feature a unique photochromic lens that automatically adapts to changing light conditions. When indoors or in low light, the lenses remain clear so you can easily read books, magazines, computer screens, and more. But as soon as you step outdoors into bright sunlight, the lenses seamlessly darken into a sunglass tint to protect your eyes from harsh UV rays and glare.

The lenses change from light to dark in seconds, then quickly fade back to clear once you go inside – no more fumbling for two sets of eyewear! The photochromic technology also ensures the glasses provide optimal visual clarity at all times, unlike cheap reading glasses.

In terms of style, these square reading glasses are bold and beautiful with their oversized angular frames and sleek acetate construction. The arms are designed to sit comfortably behind your ears without pinching or sliding. Whether you want to highlight your fun and artsy side or give off smart librarian vibes, these glasses are sure to make a statement.

Some additional features that make these photochromic reading sunglasses stand out:

– Multi-focus progressive lens allows you to see clearly whether looking at near, middle or far distances – no need to swap multiple pairs of readers

– Lenses block 100% of harmful UVA/UVB radiation up to 400nm for complete eye protection

– Scratch-resistant lenses and durable frame hold up well to daily wear and tear

– Lightweight and adjustable frame with rubber grip tips sit comfortably without pinching

– Comes with glasses cloth and protective case for easy storage and cleaning

While shopping for reading glasses can be a headache, you can feel confident our oversized square women’s photochromic readers check off all the boxes. Ditch the hassle of separate prescription glasses and sunglasses with these 2-in-1 multifocal sun readers!

Whether you want to look stylish while reading or protect your eyes while out in the sun, these photochromic square reading sunglasses allow you to do it all seamlessly. Plus the flattering oversized frame adds some dramatic flair.

Order your pair today and experience the convenience of photochromatic lenses that automatically adapt to give you clear reading vision or UV protection whenever you need it!


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