Stylish Cat Eye Reading Glasses – Blue Light Blocking & UV400 Protection



Treat your eyes to stylish protection with the chic and fashionable eyeezi cat eye reading glasses. These retro inspired readers not only look fabulous but also provide premium eye care with blue light blocking and UV400 protection to filter out damaging rays.

The cat eye shape frames are an iconic and timeless fashion statement. The slight upwards tilt at the outer edges along with the pointed styling gives these readers a fun, playful and feminine vibe. Available in various luxe colors like black, brown, and transparent, you can coordinate these shades seamlessly with your wardrobe. The frames are lightweight and crafted from durable plastic for comfort. The sturdy yet flexible temples ensure a custom and pinch-free fit.

But eyeezi cat eye readers are more than just bold style – they also provide complete eye protection. The polycarbonate lenses effectively filter out 90% of harmful high-energy blue light emitted from digital screens and fluorescent lighting. This helps reduce eye strain, fatigue and irritation during long hours of computer work or under artificial lighting. The lenses also block 100% of UVA/UVB rays up to 400nm to protect eyes against damage and premature aging. Enjoy crisp, clear vision without squinting or headaches.

Key Benefits:

  • Cat eye shape frame exudes chic retro style
  • Lightweight plastic frame with flexible temples for comfortable fit
  • Polycarbonate lenses block 90% harmful blue light from devices
  • UV400 protection filters 100% UVA/UVB rays
  • Reduces eye fatigue and strain from digital screens
  • Enjoy clear vision without squinting or glare
  • Package includes 3 pairs of readers for convenience

Put an end to tired eyes and safeguard your vision with eyeezi’s fashionable and protective cat eye readers. The high-definition polycarbonate lenses not only provide visual clarity but also filter out blue light and UV rays known to cause long term eye damage. Avoid continuous exposure to digital screens and fluorescent lights without proper eye protection.

The chic cat eye shape adds vintage style to these functional readers. The trendy transparent color option is perfect for those who want subtle eyewear without bold frames. Or make these readers pop with the classic black or brown color tones. The smooth acetate cellulose frame is durable and lightweight.

The package includes 3 pairs of cat eye readers so you can have backup eyewear wherever you need it. Keep readers at home, office and in your bag for maximum convenience. The readers also make a practical yet stylish gift for the women in your life. Provide the gift of clear vision and eye protection without compromising on looks.

Everyday eye care doesn’t have to be boring. Funk up your reader style with these retro chic cat eye glasses. But don’t be fooled by the stylish appearance. These readers mean serious business when it comes to eye protection. The scientifically engineered lenses filter out a substantial percentage of blue light and UV rays from smartphones, tablets, laptops and more.

Protect your vision and look fab doing it with the eyeezi cat eye readers featuring:

Blue Light Blocking – The specially formulated lenses blocks 90% of high energy blue light that can penetrate deep into the eyes leading to oxidative stress. Filtering out blue light promotes better sleep and reduces digital eye strain.

UV400 Sun Protection – Blocks 100% of UVA/UVB radiation up to 400nm wavelength. UV protection is critical to avoiding photokeratitis, macular degeneration and premature aging.

Optical Grade Lenses – Micro-precision lenses with anti-reflective and anti-glare coatings provide optical clarity and minimize distortions. Enjoy crisp and clear vision for reading or computer use.

Lightweight Cellulose Acetate – Durable plastic frame is flexible and sits comfortably on the nose bridge without pinching. Temples are designed for a secure grip.

Cat Eye Retro Look – Iconic pointed cateye shape is a vintage inspired fashion statement. Available in transparent, black and Havana brown.

Pack of 3 Readers – Convenient and practical multi-pack so you always have a pair handy at home, work or on the go.

Treat your eyes right with the fashionable eye protection offered by eyeezi cat eye blue light blocking readers. Make eye strain from computers and poor sleep from artificial lighting a thing of the past. Pick up the 3-pack today to experience the cutting-edge eye care and standout style.


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