Square Transition Photochromic Bifocal Reading Glasses For Men – Lightweight, Metal, Foldable Business Readers Sunglasses



These fashionable yet functional square transition photochromic bifocal reading glasses are the perfect eyeglasses for men needing both distance and close-up vision correction. The lightweight metal frames are durable yet comfortable, and the innovative foldable design makes them easy to take anywhere. But what really sets these bifocal readers apart is the special photochromic lenses that automatically adjust to changing light conditions.

Photochromic Lenses Transition in Response to UV Light

The lenses in these remarkable readers darken when exposed to UV light from the sun, providing protection from glare and eye strain. Yet when UV levels are lower indoors or on cloudy days, the lenses lighten for optimal clarity when reading or working up close. It’s technology that mimics the human eye’s natural reaction to light levels. You get sunglass-like tint when you need it, and clear vision when you don’t – all in one pair of prescription eyeglasses.

Stylish Square Frames Flatter a Variety of Face Shapes

The fashionable square shape flatters most face shapes and adds a touch of professional sophistication. The lightweight metal frames are durable enough for daily wear, yet comfortable enough to keep on all day. Rubber nose pads prevent slipping, while spring hinges allow the arms to flex for the perfect custom fit. Choose from classic black or silver frame colors to coordinate with business or casual attire.

Innovative Bifocal Design for Clear Near and Distance Vision

If you suffer from presbyopia and need glasses for both distance and close-up vision, these square reading glasses have you covered. The bifocal lenses provide a large section of magnification at the bottom for reading and other close work. The upper portion is left clear for unobstructed long-distance vision when walking, driving, or watching TV. There is no visible line, just seamless transition between the two focusing zones.

Foldable Frames – Compact and Convenient

The ingenious foldable design allows these metal bifocal readers to collapse down to a compact size. They come with a protective eyewear case, so you can tuck them away neatly in a pocket or bag. Keep them handy in the car, at the office, or take them on vacation. They’re ready to whip out anytime you need to read a menu, work on a project, or see something in the distance.

Lightweight Comfort for All-Day Wear

Even with the durable metal frames, these bifocal sunglasses weigh just 26g, so you’ll barely notice them on your face. The padded spring hinges and rubber nose pads keep them comfortable for hours of wear. For people with sensitivity to heavy, bulky glasses, these are a great lightweight option. The lenses measure 50mm wide by 34mm high for excellent peripheral vision.

Unisex Styling Perfect for Women and Men

These classic square reading glasses have simple unisex styling that looks great on both men and women. The black or silver frame colors complement any skin tone. They make a wonderful gift for fathers, husbands, grandfathers or any senior who needs reading glasses with UV protection. For those who prefer smaller frames, check out the women’s version offered.

How to Use Photochromic Bifocal Reading Glasses

It takes a few minutes for photochromic lenses to fully adjust when transitioning between indoor and outdoor use. Here are some tips for getting the best performance from your photochromic bifocal readers:

  • Give the lenses a couple minutes to clear up each time you move indoors. Don’t read or look down during this adjustment period.
  • Before heading outside, put the glasses on first while still indoors to allow the lenses time to darken before exposing them to full sun.
  • Don’t leave the glasses in direct sun when not wearing them or the lenses may become overly tinted.
  • Allow time to re-adjust if rapidly moving between bright and low light conditions.
  • Avoid storing in very hot or cold temperatures which can temporarily affect the photochromic function.

With normal use, the lenses should provide effortless transition between indoor and outdoor visibility. Keeping the glasses clean and scratch-free will help maintain optimal performance. Use the included soft cloth bag and cleaning cloth to regularly wipe the lenses.

Buy With Confidence

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase these photochromic bifocal reading glasses. We back them with a money-back warranty as well as hassle-free returns and exchanges. Click Add to Cart now to order your pair! They make a practical yet fashionable gift for any man or woman who needs reading glasses with UV protection.


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