Sparkling Rhinestone Cat Eye Glasses Block Blue Light – Anti-Fatigue Readers



Tired eyes getting you down? Add some sparkle while shielding your vision with these rhinestone-embellished cat eye blue light blocking glasses! The stylish vintage design pairs glamorous crystals with oversized blue light filtering lenses for a look that dazzles.

Block Harmful Blue Light from Devices

The lenses contain a special filter that blocks 90% of high-energy blue light emissions. This protects eyes from strain and irritation caused by the blue light emitted from smartphone, computer, TV, and tablet screens. Reduce headaches and visual fatigue while maintaining clear vision.

Sleep Better – Avoid Blue Light Exposure at Night

Blue light exposure before bed can impair melatonin production and disrupt your natural circadian rhythms. The lenses in these cat eye glasses filter out blue light, allowing your brain to produce melatonin so you can fall asleep faster. Wake up feeling more rested and refreshed!

Glittering Rhinestones for Statement Style

This eye-catching cat eye frame features hand-set rhinestones in varied shapes and sizes. They add pops of brilliant sparkle across the temples and fronts for a glamorous statement. The geometric crystals catch and reflect light from all angles.

Flattering Oversized Cat Eye Shape

An exaggerated cat eye frame is feminine and flattering on most face shapes. It sweeps up at the outer corners for a retro-inspired silhouette. The large lens size also provides expanded field of vision. Blue light is blocked across your entire line of sight.

Lightweight Comfort for All-Day Wear

Despite the dazzling embellishments, these glasses remain lightweight and comfortable. The frame is specially engineered to hug the face without any squeeze or slippage. Soft rubber nose pads prevent any irritation. Enjoy stylish protection without discomfort.

Handcrafted Quality and Precision

Skilled craftsmen hand-assemble each pair to ensure proper placement of every individual rhinestone. The curves of the cat eye frame are cut smoothly and attached securely. Lenses are set precisely into place. Expect excellent clarity through these readers.

Blue Light Blocking Innovation Meets Vintage Inspiration

Technology finally allows us to filter out harmful blue light emissions in spectacle lenses. Combined with a retro cat eye shape and glamorous crystals, the result is a pair of readers that are both protective and full of style. Upgrade your eyewear wardrobe!

Lens Width: 1.97 inches

Frame Width: 5.91 inches

Frame Height: 1.97 inches

Bridge Width: 0.87 inches

Temple Length: 5.71 inches

Dazzle your eyes and protect your vision with these sparkling rhinestone cat eye blue light blocking glasses! A vintage silhouette meets innovative lens technology.


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