Solar Shield 51 Oval Polarized Sunglasses Clip-On – Full Frame UV Protection for Your Glasses



Get premium sunglass protection that easily clips onto your existing eyewear with the Solar Shield 51 Oval Polarized Clip-On Sunglasses. Transform your regular glasses into effective UV blocking sunglasses in just seconds.

Full Frame Clip-On Design

The Solar Shield 51 features a clever full frame clip-on design that securely grasps onto your glasses. The oval polarized lenses measure 51mm wide x 34mm high to deliver full wraparound coverage.

Simply open up the spring hinged clips and slide them over the top of your prescription glasses or reading glasses. The rubberized grips prevent any slipping and keep the clip-on sunglasses solidly in place.

The full frame construction blocks peripheral sunlight from entering in the sides or bottom of the lenses. This provides complete UV protection and glare reduction for sensitive eyes.

Effective Polarized Lenses

The polarized lenses use advanced filtering technology to neutralize and block blinding and distorting glare. Light that reflects off flat surfaces like water, snow, glass, and pavement gets scattered. This creates an irritating and sometimes dangerous visual halo effect.

The polarized filters cancel out the scattered wavelengths of intense reflected light. This allows you to see clearer with reduced glare and eye strain. Colors appear richer and details become sharper for improved vision.

The lenses also have an amber tint that heightens contrast and depth perception. This tint works well in low light dusk or overcast conditions. The polarization and tint combine to provide visible comfort and clarity for driving, fishing, boating, beach days, and other activities.

Full Sun UV Protection

Both the lenses and frames offer 100% UV protection from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB light rays. Long term exposure to these rays can lead to eye problems or accelerate age related vision decline.

The Solar Shield 51 sunglasses shield your eyes from ultraviolet radiation, letting you enjoy your days outside safely. The lenses absorb and block all UVA/UVB light under 400 nanometers. This protects the delicate tissue in the eyes as well as the surrounding eye area skin.

Prescription Friendly Design

These clip-on sunglasses sit far enough away from your lenses that you can keep your own glasses on underneath. This makes them ideal for anyone needing vision correction.

The sunglasses’ lightweight plastic frames won’t conflict with prescription glasses that have thick lens profiles, specialty tints, or anti-reflective coatings. You don’t have to sacrifice UV protection for the sake of vision acuity.

The flat front design also avoids problems with folding sunglasses for those needing multifocal or progressives lenses. The clip-ons won’t distort the optics of prescription varifocals or trifocals.

Versatile Size for All Face Shapes

The oval shape and medium size frame width make these clip-on sunglasses flattering for both men and women. They complement rounder, heart shaped, and long faces equally well.

At just 1.8 ounces, you’ll quickly forget you have them on. The frame and clips have a contoured profile that prevents uncomfortable pressure. Padded rubber coatings keep them lightweight on your ears and nose bridge.

Pick up a pair of Solar Shield 51 sunglasses to instantly upgrade your eye protection and style anywhere you go. Your eyes will thank you!


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