SOJOS Cateye Blue Light Filtering Glasses – Stylish Computer Reading Glasses for Women to Prevent Eye Strain



Tired of getting headaches and eye fatigue from hours in front of your computer screen or tablet? The new SOJOS Cateye Blue Light Filtering Glasses are designed specifically to block harmful blue light emitted from digital devices, while letting through surrounding natural light for undistorted color vision. These non-prescription computer glasses will transform your digital experience and prevent those annoying symptoms of digital eye strain.

The SOJOS blue light glasses have a chic cateye frame design that complements a variety of face shapes. The acetate frame comes in a fun tortoiseshell pattern that pairs well with your work or casual wardrobe. Spring hinges and adjustable silicon nose pads ensure a comfy, non-slip fit.

These blue light blocking computer glasses filter out 90% of high-energy blue light (wavelengths between 400-455nm) that can penetrate deep into the eye and disrupt your natural sleep-wake cycles. This prevents late-night digital device use from shifting your circadian rhythm and wreaking havoc on your hormone production. The specially formulated lenses have an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare that strains your eyes.

Wearing the SOJOS computer reading glasses is an easy way to avoid headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision, and general eye discomfort associated with prolonged exposure to your digital screens. The lenses block blue light while maintaining color balance and optical clarity. You’ll experience crisp, strain-free vision whether working, reading emails, browsing social media, or streaming videos.

Not only do these non-prescription glasses filter blue light, they also provide UV400 protection against harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun. The lightweight plastic cateye frame won’t leave marks on your nose or ears even after continuous all-day wear. At just 23g, you’ll barely notice you have them on!

Key Features:

– Blocks 90% of high-energy blue light from screens/devices
– Reduces headaches, eye strain and fatigue
– Stylish and lightweight cateye frame design
– Scratch and impact-resistant lenses
– Adjustable nose pads and durable spring hinges
– UV400 protection against UV rays
– Includes removable lens option

If you wear prescription glasses, no problem! The lenses pop out easily so you can get the blue light filtering lenses fitted into your existing frames or order custom lenses. Now you don’t have to compromise style or vision to prevent eye strain.

Give your eyes a break and help maintain your natural circadian rhythm with the SOJOS Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Order a pair today and transform the way you experience your digital world without compromising your eye health. Includes glasses pouch, cloth, blue light tester, and beautifully designed gift box packaging.

What’s in the Box:
– SOJOS Cateye Blue Light Blocking Glasses x 1
– Microfiber Pouch x 1

– Microfiber Cleaning Cloth x 1
– Blue Light Test Card x 1
– Blue Light Test LED Torch x 1
– Glasses Prep Kit x 1
– Gift Box x 1

Lens Width: 53mm
Lens Height: 44mm
Temple Length: 143mm

Bridge Width: 17mm

Blue light protection for crystal clear vision. Safeguard your eyes from headaches, strain, and late-night circadian disruption without compromising your view.

Block 90% of high-energy blue light. Special lenses filter out wavelengths between 400-455nm that penetrate deep into eyes.

Maintain natural sleep patterns. Avoid hormone and rhythm imbalance from blue light emitted by screens at night.

Reduce headaches and eye fatigue. Alleviate symptoms associated with prolonged digital device use.

Stylish and lightweight cateye frames. Chic tortoiseshell pattern complements any look. Durable and flexible.

Premium lens features: Anti-reflective, scratch/impact resistant, UV400 protection.

Removable lenses. Pop out to add your own prescription.

Comfortable adjustable fit. Pads prevent slipping. Flexible spring hinges for all day wear.

Reliable blue light protection. Test card and UV torch included to test effectiveness.

Package includes: Glasses, pouch, cloth, tester kit, and gift box. Style your work from home wardrobe and reduce eye strain now!


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