Sofia Vergara x Foster Grant Women’s Cat-Eye Reading Glasses – Full Magnification for Clear Vision



Reading glasses used to be purely functional with no sense of style. Not anymore! Sofia Vergara’s new line of cat-eye readers infuse glamour and personality into eyewear. Now you can have magnified vision AND make a fashion statement with Sofia by Foster Grant.

These chic reading glasses feature a retro-modern cat eye frame design inspired by Sofia’s favorite styles. The flattering shape is feminine and just a little daring with its cat-eye tipped silhouette. Choose from a variety of on-trend colors from Sofia’s hand-picked palette. Make a vibrant splash with Mint Green or Turquoise. Turn heads in a rich Tortoise print. Or go classic with Black or Ruby Red.

But these cat-eye readers aren’t just about looks. They’re designed to make reading easier and more enjoyable. The lenses offer full magnification, meaning the entire lens surface magnifies rather than just a small section like traditional readers. This provides maximum visual clarity and a wider field of view as you read. No more constantly repositioning your glasses to find the sweet spot. The full magnified lenses make reading effortless and headache-free.

Key features like spring hinges, impact/scratch resistant coatings, and UV400 protection ensure Sofia’s reading glasses are made to last. The lightweight plastic frame boasts durable spring hinges that flex and adjust to comfortably fit your face all day long. You’ll forget you’re even wearing them! The lenses also feature a protective coating to guard against scratches and impacts from everyday wear. And the lenses fully block UVA/UVB rays up to 400nm to shield your eyes from harsh sunlight.

Now you can channel Sofia Vergara’s signature style while improving your vision. These fashionable yet functional cat-eye readers are perfect for:

Reading Books – Get lost in a page-turner, not straining to see the words. The enlarged text appears crisp and clear.

Using Your Phone or Tablet – Check emails, social media, and texts easily. Skim articles and websites without squinting.

Crafting or Hobbies – See intricate patterns, stitches, model details much clearer and easier on your eyes.

Shopping – Effortlessly read labels, ingredients, and prices from near or far. Inspect items without blurriness.

Working – Reduce headaches and fatigue from computer work. Comfortably view reports, memos, presentations and more.

Driving – Clearly see your dashboard, GPS, street signs from a distance. Minimize dangerous squinting.

At Restaurants – Peruse menus, checks, and texts without fumbling for your readers.

At Home – Enjoy hobbies like cooking, cleaning, paying bills with ease. Read mail, recipes, detergent labels uninterrupted.

With Sofia Vergara’s new cat-eye reading glasses, you don’t have to compromise style OR vision. Enjoy maximized visual clarity and UV protection in trendy, flattering frames inspired by Sofia’s favorite looks. Never deal with blurry texts and straining headaches again. Foster Grant’s Sofia Vergara collection lets you read in style and comfort!


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