Smart Patch Kids Eye Patches for Glasses – 6 Fun Designs



Help your child build strong vision with Smart Patch Kids Eye Patches. This 6 pack includes a variety of fun cartoon designs to make vision therapy engaging. Each soft patch comfortably blocks light and fits most kids’ glasses.

Premium Quality Materials

Smart Patch is constructed using soft yet durable polyester and cotton. The fabric is lightweight and breathable for comfortable wear. The gentle inner layer won’t scratch your child’s glasses when applied.

The opaque blackout center completely blocks light to train lazy eyes. 3D contouring prevents contact with eyelids or lashes. Your child can wear Smart Patch for extended periods without irritation.

Vibrant Fun Cartoon Designs

This 6 pack comes with 6 different character covers to suit your child’s changing moods! Choices include:

  • Pink unicorn
  • Purple princess
  • Blue mermaid
  • Green dinosaur
  • Red astronaut
  • Orange robot

The colorfully illustrated patches turn vision therapy into a game. Let your child pick their favorite character or collect them all! The engaging designs make training the eyes less scary and frustrating.

Fits Most Kids’ Glasses

Smart Patch measures 4.1 by 2 inches to suit most children’s eyeglasses. The patch covers lenses on glasses with frame heights up to 2 inches tall.

Carefully check sizing before purchase. Proper coverage and opacity is critical for successful treatment. Our patches block light leakage for optimal results.

Comfortable Over-Glasses Design

Smart Patch uses an over-glasses design to avoid uncomfortable pressure. Thick padding is not needed to block light which prevents scratching lenses.

The soft edging gently adheres to skin without tugging or irritation. It can be worn for hours without discomfort. Apply and remove patches easily whenever your child needs vision training.

Build Strong Vision

Lazy eye affects 3-5% of children. Without treatment, vision can deteriorate leading to permanent impairment. Patching therapy trains eyes to work together by covering the stronger eye.

Smart Patch makes vision training more engaging and effective. The opaque material motivates kids to use their weaker eye. Vibrant colors and cute characters help sustain focus.

Worry-Free Purchase

We aim for 100% satisfaction with our kids vision products. Contact us with any questions or concerns for prompt friendly service. We’ll issue refunds or replacements for any product defects.

Empower your child to improve their vision with Smart Patch. These premium eye patches make training eyes fun while building visual acuity. Order a set today!


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