Sleep Better, Feel Better with THL SLEEP Blue Light Blocking Glasses



In today’s world, we’re flooded by artificial blue light from phones, computers, TVs, and more. This constant blue light exposure can lead to digital eye strain, headaches, trouble sleeping, and increased stress. THL SLEEP Blue Light Blocking Glasses are expertly engineered by Swedish designer Oskar Eriksson to filter out 99.5% of harmful blue light and 75% of green light to help you sleep better, feel better, and live better.

THL SLEEP glasses feature premium 5-layer lenses designed to maximize eye protection while minimizing color distortion. The lenses block blue and green light rays while allowing calming amber light to pass through. This allows your brain to produce melatonin naturally so you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. The result? A full night of deep, restful sleep.

During the day, THL SLEEP glasses reduce eye fatigue and strain caused by prolonged screen time. The lenses filter out the wavelengths of light that overstimulate the eyes. This helps prevent headaches, migraines, and general eye discomfort. Less strain on the eyes means you can work, game, and browse on your devices for longer periods comfortably.

Not only do THL SLEEP glasses improve sleep and eye health, but they come in stylish and durable frames to match your personal aesthetic. The lightweight acetate frames feature spring hinges for a comfortable custom fit. Choose from classic black, tortoiseshell, dark brown, and clear frame colors. Each pair features subtle branding on the temples.

Key Benefits:

  • Blocks 99.5% of blue light and 75% of green light
  • Enhances natural melatonin production
  • Reduces eye strain and headaches
  • Improves sleep quality and duration
  • Premium 5-layer lens technology
  • Lightweight, durable frames
  • Stylish frame colors

Sleep is essential for health, happiness, and peak performance, yet 80% of Americans struggle with poor sleep. Don’t become another statistic. Take control of your sleep and eye health with THL SLEEP Blue Light Blocking Glasses. They are perfect for:

  • Nighttime computer/phone use
  • Preventing sleep disruption from TVs and tablets
  • Reducing eye strain from office work or studying
  • Alleviating migraines and headaches
  • Gaming marathons and binge watching shows

Engineered by experts and tested by thousands, THL SLEEP glasses are a simple solution to better sleep and eye protection. The difference is immediate on the first night of use. Fall asleep faster, sleep through the night, and wake up feeling truly refreshed.

During the day, your eyes will thank you. No more squinting, dryness, fatigue, strain, or headaches even after long periods focusing on screens. The subtle tint also blocks glare to make screen viewing more comfortable.

Enjoy unlimited screen time WITHOUT the negative side effects with THL SLEEP blue light blocking glasses. Don’t settle for cheap glasses that scratch easily or have distorting tints. Our premium lenses and frames are built to last while improving your sleep, focus, and eye health.

Experience the difference of better sleep and clearer days by blocking harmful blue light with THL SLEEP. Invest in your health, happiness, and performance by clicking Add to Cart now! Sweet dreams.


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