Sleek and Stylish Progressive Reading Glasses for Seamless Vision



Tired of having to juggle multiple pairs of readers? Want to see clearly both up close and at a distance without switching glasses? Meet the revolutionary OPTOFENDY Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses – the stylish way to enjoy effortless vision!

These innovative reading glasses feature Varilux-inspired progressive lenses that provide a smooth transition between three different optical powers. The top of the lenses contain zero magnification for distance viewing. The middle section has +1.50 power for intermediate tasks like computer work. Finally, the lower portion of the lenses offer +3.00 magnification for close-up reading vision.

With OPTOFENDY progressive readers, you can seamlessly go from reading a book, to checking your phone, to looking across the room without ever taking your glasses off! The premium custom lenses reduce image distortion and eyestrain so you can use them comfortably all day long.

Key Benefits and Features

  • All-in-one multi-power lenses for distance, intermediate and near vision
  • Distortion-free Varilux-style progressive lens technology
  • Chic and lightweight full-rim metal frame in blue color
  • Spring hinges for optimal fit and all day comfort
  • Blocks 100% UVA/UVB rays and reduces blue light exposure
  • Scratch-resistant, anti-glare lens coatings
  • Premium metal/polycarbonate construction
  • Unisex design suits both men and women

With just one pair of these progressive readers, you can effortlessly handle any visual task on your agenda. Reading mail, cooking dinner, working on the computer, enjoying a night out – OPTOFENDY multifocal glasses have you covered!

The contemporary metal frame features flexible spring hinges and adjustable silicone nose pads. This ensures the glasses stay comfortably in place all day without pinching or chafing. The cool blue color palette gives understated flair that complements both casual and professional attire.

Crystal Clear Optics Protect Your Eyes

The lenses utilize anti-reflective and anti-glare coatings to reduce eye fatigue and strain. They also block 100% of UVA/UVB radiation as well as filtering out blue light emitted from digital screens. This protects your eyes from damage while optimizing visual clarity and contrast.

With precise optical power prescriptions in each zone, OPTOFENDY progressive readers deliver crisp, undistorted viewing at any distance. The wider intermediate zone accommodates prolonged computer work. The smooth transition between zones prevents blurriness and adaptation issues.

Perfect Vision Companion for Work and Play

OPTOFENDY multifocal glasses are ideal for:

  • Reading books, newspapers, magazines
  • Working on laptops, tablets, smartphones
  • Driving, shopping, traveling
  • Hobbies and crafting
  • Cooking, reading recipes
  • Watching TV, going to the movies

Forget constantly switching between multiple readers to see clearly! With OPTOFENDY progressive lenses, you’ll enjoy quick, easy, uninterrupted vision no matter what you’re doing.

The lightweight metal frame and comfortable adjustable fit means you can wear your multifocal glasses all day long without discomfort. The sleek, thin profile flatters different face shapes for women and men.

Compare to Costly Prescription Progressive Lenses

Purchasing custom progressive lenses from your optometrist can cost $400-$800 or more! OPTOFENDY progressive readers offer comparable Varilux-style technology and optical performance at a fraction of the price.

Why pay more for prescription progressives when you can enjoy the same seamless vision benefits with these over-the-counter reading glasses? Plus we offer a wider intermediate zone specially designed for prolonged computer work.

Ditch the Reading Glass Struggle – Order OPTOFENDY Today!

Experience effortless vision without lens swapping again! Our progressive readers provide the magnification powers you need for any activity while protecting your eyes from damage. The stylish, comfortable fit complements your look from work to weekends.

Stop struggling with multiple pairs of readers – upgrade to OPTOFENDY multifocal glasses today! We provide a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee and 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. Your new favorite glasses are just a click away!


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