SIGVAN Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses – 6 Pack of Women’s Readers in Multiple Colors



Tired of straining to read the newspaper, restaurant menus, or computer screens? It may be time to try reading glasses. But who wants boring old granny glasses? SIGVAN offers a fashionable solution with this value pack of six colorful women’s readers. The spring hinge design and anti-blue light lenses provide exceptional comfort for all your reading needs.

6 Pairs for the Price of One!

If you’ve been considering trying reading glasses, there’s no better way to start than with this convenient six pack. It allows you to keep reading glasses stashed in all the places you need them – by your favorite chair, next to the computer, in your purse, the kitchen drawer, nightstand, and more.

With six pairs, you’ll always have readers within easy reach. The assorted colors and trendy rectangular frames mean you can switch up your look each day. At this unbelievable price, you can’t go wrong!

Reduce Eye Strain from Digital Screens

In today’s world, we spend so much time staring at digital screens like smartphones, tablets, computers, and e-readers. The blue light emitted from these devices can cause eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, and disrupted sleep.

SIGVAN’s reading glasses have specialized lenses that filter out 90% of high-energy blue light. This enhances visual comfort when you’re reading e-books or emails, watching videos, working, or gaming on screens. The lenses help relieve eye fatigue so you can keep doing your favorite digital activities for longer periods.

Stylish Frames Flatter Every Face

Gone are the days of dowdy reading glasses that look like they belong to your grandma! SIGVAN’s readers feature lightweight plastic frames in fun, fashionable colors like leopard print, tortoiseshell, and translucent azure blue.

The trendy rectangular shape flatters every face. Whether you prefer bold cat-eye glasses or understated transparent frames, there’s an option for your personal style. Look chic while magnifying text and reducing digital eyestrain.

Spring Hinges Hug Your Face Comfortably

Trying to read through ill-fitting glasses that slip down your nose is no fun. SIGVAN’s readers stay securely in place thanks to the spring hinge temples that provide a snug fit.

The flexible hinges gently hug your face without pinching or creating pressure points. Soft silicone nose pads also prevent slipping. Even if you have a small nose, large face, or high cheekbones, these spring hinge readers remain comfortable all day long.

Magnify Text at a Standard Strength

The majority of people need a magnification power between +1.00 to +2.50 to read books, newspapers, menus, labels, texts, and other small print clearly. SIGVAN’s reading glasses have lenses of +1.50, the sweet spot that works great for most people who need an extra boost.

The lightweight polycarbonate lenses won’t scratch easily or distort images. Your vision will be crisper and text sharper when you look through these high-quality magnifying readers.

Enhance Your Reading Enjoyment

Whether you want to read without squinting, reduce headaches from computer work, or simply try out reading glasses for the first time, this value pack is perfect! The six pairs mean you’ll always have readers available when you need them.

The blue light blocking lenses keep digital screens from fatiguing your eyes. And the stylish design is fashionable enough for women of all ages. Upgrade your reading experience with the comfort and convenience of SIGVAN’s reading glasses six pack today!


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