SA106 Cateye Clip-On Polarized Sunglasses with Magnetic Reading Bifocals – 2-in-1 Eyewear for Driving, Fishing and Outdoor Activities



Tired of constantly switching between your sunglasses and reading glasses? The innovative SA106 clip-on sunglasses solve that problem with polarized sun lenses AND built-in magnetic bifocal reading lenses. Get the best of both worlds with this 2-in-1 eyewear – perfect for driving, fishing, golf and more!

Polarized Sun Protection That Clips On

Slip on the durable clip-on sunglass frames over your existing eyeglasses to transform them into polarized sun shaders in seconds. The lightweight frame and arms are designed to clip on securely without scratching your lenses.

The 100% UV400 protected lenses filter glare and filter out reflected light to sharpen contrast and definition. Colors appear richer and textures more defined. Polarization also reduces eye fatigue and strain in bright sunlight.

The stylish cateye sun lenses measure 5 3/8” wide by 1 5/8” high for ample coverage to shield your eyes from sun damage. Enjoy clearer vision and protected peepers on sunny days.

Bifocal Magnets For Instant Reading Power

Here’s the game changing feature – the lower half of each sunglass lens contains a hidden magnetic bifocal section. When you need to read something up close, just flip down the reading lenses hidden in the frame. Powerful little magnets hold them securely in place over your eyes.

The lightweight reading lenses have 1.5x magnification for crisp viewing of small text and details. When you’re done reading, they flip back up out of your line of vision in seconds. No more constantly peering over your sunglasses to read things!

The magnetic bifocal sunglasses are a must-have for activities like:

Driving – Read road signs, GPS directions, speedometer etc without swapping glasses.

Fishing – See your line, lures and knots up close.

Golf – Read greens and scorecards with ease.

Cycling – Check bike computers and maps hands-free.

Outdoor adventures – Read trail maps and tiny compass text clearly.

With the SA106 2-in-1 eyewear, you’ll always have your sunglasses AND reading glasses handy when you need them. No more fumbling for your readers or dealing with blurry vision in the sun.

Designed for Superior Comfort

Even with the clever magnetic bifocals, these cateye sunglasses remain lightweight and comfortable. The frame is constructed from durable TR90 material that’s flexible and won’t break easily.

The adjustable rubber nose pads prevent any slipping. You’ll barely notice you’re wearing them as you go about your favorite activities.

The sunglass arms feature rubber ear tips and can be gently squeezed and molded to fit your head size. Reviewers love how well they fit over prescription eyeglasses without being tight or uncomfortable.

Premium Protection & Convenience

Your SA106 polarized clip-on sunglasses come in a protective microfiber pouch. Use it to prevent scratches and damages when not in use or on the go.

The pouch features two compartments – one for your sunglasses and one for your reading glasses, keys or other small items. Enjoy added convenience and keep your eyewear safe.

As well as sun and impact protection, you’ll get 100% satisfaction guaranteed. SA106 offers a hassle-free 1 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t love your magnetic bifocal sunglasses, return them no questions asked!

Ditch the Eyewear Swapping For Good

With over 500 5-star reviews, customers love the polarized sun lenses and hidden magnetic reading magnification of these cateye clip-ons:

“No more granny looking second pair of glasses hanging around my neck!”

“They are perfect for fishing and being out on the water.”

“I don’t have to keep taking my sunglasses off to read stuff anymore.”

“Easy to switch from distance to reading vision. Game changer for driving!”

The SA106 2-in-1 sunglasses provide the perfect eyewear solution for people on the go. Grab a pair today for superior visual clarity and protection during your favorite activities.


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