READING GLASSES DONT PANIC TYPE-02 – Lightweight and Rustproof Reading Glasses for Hassle-Free Vision



Do you find yourself squinting and straining to read books, newspapers, restaurant menus, medication labels, text messages, and other everyday text? Do headaches, tired eyes, and blurry vision after short periods of reading indicate you may need reading glasses? Don’t panic – the solution is simpler than you think.

The READING GLASSES DONT PANIC TYPE-02 are designed to provide crystal clear near vision when you need it, in a durable and comfortable package. The lightweight TR90 frames sit barely noticeably on your face, while the precisely ground glass lenses sharpen text at the ideal reading distance. Plus, the corrosion-resistant construction holds up to daily use and active lifestyles.

Keep reading to learn why these versatile single vision reading glasses belong in your eyewear collection:

Features and Benefits

Featherweight TR90 Frames

Weighing just 16g, you’ll barely notice these glasses on your face. The TR90 material is ultra flexible and durable. At half the weight of traditional plastic, they won’t cause discomfort with prolonged wear. The transparent gray color is subtle yet stylish.

Non-Screw Metal Hinges

The ingenious snap-in hinges click securely in place without miniature screws. This prevents rusting issues caused by exposure to sweat and moisture during daily use and exercise. Fewer breakable parts also increases the longevity.

Curved Teardrop Shape

The curved shape beautifully frames rounded, oval, square, and diamond face shapes. The slight upward angle also opens up your field of vision to see distant objects by peering over the lenses. When not needed, the glasses conveniently hang around your neck.

Customizable Bridge and Temples

Adjust the bridge to sit comfortably on your nose without slipping. Heat-sensitive temple tips mold to your head for a personalized fit. Or pop the included temple tips on for additional cushioning and grip.

Scratch-Resistant Lenses

The lenses are made of shatterproof polycarbonate for all-day clarity. The scratch-resistant coating helps maintain transparency despite minor bumps and continued use. Enjoy crisp text without glare or distortions.

When Do You Need Reading Glasses?

If you exhibit any of these signs, over-the-counter reading glasses can help sharpen blurry near vision:

  • Headaches and eye fatigue after reading
  • Difficulty seeing words clearly at a normal reading distance
  • Having to hold books farther away to focus
  • Squinting to view cell phones, prices, ingredients, etc.
  • Temporary near vision blur after looking up from reading

Known as presbyopia, these symptoms affect most adults past age 40. The eyes’ lenses gradually lose elasticity, impacting your ability to accommodate focus on close objects. Reading glasses act like portable magnifiers to make text larger and prevent eye strain.

Choosing Your Strength

Select magnification based on your reading distance and visual needs:

1.00x – 1.50x: Reading books, menus, magazines from around 16 inches away.

1.50x – 2.25x: Reading newspapers, medicine labels, text messages from 14 inches away.

2.50x – 3.00x: Reading annotations, footnotes, instructions from 10 inches away.

Test different powers to find the lowest strength that makes text sharp without squinting or discomfort. Start with 1.25x or 1.50x if you’re new to reading glasses.

Using Your Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are only meant for close-up tasks like:

  • Reading books, magazines, newspapers, etc.
  • Looking at your phone, tablet, computer, watch
  • Reading recipes, instructions, prices, labels
  • Doing crafts, sewing, model-building, etc.

Avoid wearing them all day or for driving and distance viewing. Follow these tips:

  • Use proper lighting to reduce eye strain.
  • Clean lenses regularly with the included cloth.
  • Push glasses down your nose to see farther away.
  • Have a thorough eye exam every 1-2 years.

Reading glasses let you continue enjoying books, hobbies, and everyday tasks without visual discomfort. Keep multiple strengths handy or grab these all-purpose 1.50x readers to start experiencing comfortable reading again!

Buy With Confidence

Every order of the READING GLASSES DONT PANIC TYPE-02 comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. Contact us for a full refund or replacement pair if you have any issues. Your clear vision and satisfaction are our top priority!

Experience hassle-free reading with the lightweight and rustproof READING GLASSES DONT PANIC TYPE-02 today!


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