QxAiVMin Oversized Square Metal Reading Glasses – Fashionable Big Frame Computer Glasses for Women and Men



Feel like your current readers are too small and don’t provide enough visual coverage? Try the QxAiVMin Oversized Square Metal Reading Glasses! With an extra large frame, these stylish unisex glasses open up your field of view for comfortable reading and computer use.

Wide 56mm Lenses for Maximum Viewing

The oversized square lenses measure 56mm wide x 50mm high, creating a panoramic viewing area. The expanded frontal and peripheral vision reduces eye strain and neck fatigue from constantly moving your head to see. No more squinting or hunching over to read!

Lightweight Durable Metal Frames

The front and temples are constructed from lightweight metal with spring hinges for a customized fit. The smooth metal composite is durable for long lasting wear. Silicone nose pads prevent slippage while avoiding pressure points on the bridge of your nose.

Magnification Options from 1.00x to 3.00x

Choose from a range of magnifying powers to suit your needs:

  • 1.00x for starting presbyopia
  • 1.50x for mild vision correction
  • 2.00x for moderate farsightedness
  • 2.50x for advanced visual aid
  • 3.00x for significant vision improvement

Carefully select the right lenses according to your age and required magnification strength.

Anti-Fatigue Blue Light Blocking Lenses

The transparent lenses have a subtle blue light filtering tint to reduce eyestrain from screens. By blocking over 98% of blue light up to 400nm, the UV400 coating helps prevent headaches and sleep disruption. The anti-reflective surface also minimizes glare for distortion-free viewing.

Ideal for Reading, Computer Use, and TV Watching

The oversized square frames are perfect for:

  • Working on laptops and phones for extended periods
  • Reading books, newspapers, magazines, documents
  • Seeing crafts and hobbies up close
  • Watching TV from the couch or playing video games
  • Driving to reduce glare

Fashionable Unisex Styling

Flaunt your style with these fashion-forward thin metal frames! The oversized rectangular shape flatters round and oval faces. Just as suitable for women as for men, the glasses complement both casual outfits and business professional attire.

Complete Eyeglass Set

Each order includes 1x Square Reading Glasses, 1x Cleaning Cloth for lens care, and 1x Brown PU Leather Glasses Case to protect your glasses. Convenient accessories for added value!

Perfect Vision for Work and Play

No more squinting, eye fatigue, and constant re-positioning. The QxAiVMin Oversized Reading Glasses deliver crisp, clear vision at any distance. Order your new computer readers today!


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