Qesaw Eyeglasses Repair Kit – 1100 Pcs Replacement Parts for Fixing Glasses, Sunglasses & Watches + Tools



Need to fix a loose screw or replace a missing nose pad on your eyeglasses or sunglasses? Have no fear, the Qesaw Eyeglasses Repair Kit is here!

This all-in-one glasses repair kit contains 1100 pieces of replacement screws, nuts, washers and nose pads to mend loose or broken frames and save you from costly trips to the optician.

Inside this kit, you’ll find 12 commonly needed sizes of metal eyeglass screws, nuts, and washers so you can easily find the right fit. No more rummaging around for that one tiny screw – Qesaw’s kit has them all organized and labelled in sliding drawers for convenience.

Get your wobbly glasses arms or scratched lenses sitting straight and secure again with this must-have DIY repair kit.

Repair Eyewear Like a Pro

A loose screw or missing nose pad can render your eyeglasses unusable until fixed. But with the Qesaw kit, you’ll have all the parts and tools on hand to make most basic repairs yourself.

The included micro screwdriver and tweezers help you handle those tiny screws with care while fixing bows, broken frames, and replacing nose pads. Just use the chart to identify the screw size you need, then grab it with the tweezers and get to work.

Over 1100 replacement parts ensures you’ll find the exact fit for the arm, lens, bridge and pad repairs on eyeglasses, sunglasses, or watches. Snap parts back into place and save hundreds over visiting an optometry store.

Premium Long Lasting Hardware

The quality miniature screws, nuts and washers are made of composite stainless steel for superior durability and longevity. No more annoying issues with low-grade hardware pieces getting stripped or snapping off in your frames.

The eyeglass nose pads utilize durable silicone rubber. Whether you need to replace the original pads or upgrade to a more comfortable style, you’ll find options for both adjustable and fixed nose pieces.

Buy the repair kit once and enjoy a lifetime supply of glasses parts, making this a high value investment for eyeglass wearers.

Convenient Storage Case

The compact plastic organizer case keeps all 1100+ replacement pieces neatly sorted in slide-out drawers so components don’t spill or get lost.

Each tray has the screw and washer sizes labelled for easy identification. The included mini tweezers make picking up and handling the tiny parts simple.

Stash the container in your handbag or with your eyeglasses case so your DIY repair kit is always close by when accidents happen and pieces pop loose.

Multi-Purpose Repair Tools

Aside from fixing your eyewear, the included multi-function screwdriver and tweezers serve many uses around the home or office.

The 3-in-1 screwdriver features a flat head to loosen screws, a Phillips head to tighten them back up, and a nut driver for grip and torque. Conveniently attaches to your key ring for portability.

The reverse end of the tweezers has a knife edge you can use to peel open packages, splinters or trim threads. Seriously handy to have in your glove box, desk drawer or bathroom cabinet!

DIY Repairs on a Dime

Don’t waste money at the optometrist for eyeglass adjustments and parts replacement you can easily do yourself in minutes with this kit.

It pays for itself after just a few uses when you consider shop minimum fees of $10 or more per repair visit. Plus the convenience of always having supplies on hand to fix glasses mishaps immediately.

Get your frames functional again STAT with this must-own eyeglass repair kit! One less headache for glasses wearers.

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