Przene Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses – 4 Pack Cat Eye & Butterfly Frames



Do you get headaches and eye fatigue while reading on your devices? Przene’s blue light blocking reading glasses filter out the intense blue light that electronics emit to protect your eyes. This 4 pack includes 2 chic cat eye and 2 stylish butterfly reading glasses so you always have a pair handy.

The lightweight frames feature flexible spring hinges that flex and bounce back when opened instead of getting loose over time. Their durable spring arms prevent breakage even with frequent use. Both the cat eye and butterfly shapes flatter a variety of face types.

Przene’s reading glasses also help:

  • Reduce headaches/eye strain from screens
  • Improve sleep quality when using devices before bed
  • Alleviate eye fatigue from reading print books for long periods
  • Minimize glare when reading in bright sunlight

The lightly tinted lenses filter out harsh blue light emitted by phones, tablets, computers, and e-readers. This allows you to read, work, or browse for hours without unnecessary eye irritation and fatigue. But they don’t overly distort colors or reduce clarity like some cheap blue light blocking glasses.

Whether you need them for work, school, reading in bed, or your favorite hobby, Przene’s 4 pack of readers ensures you always have a pair on hand. The trendy cat eye and butterfly frames complement both casual and professional wear. Both men and women will love these dual-purpose blue light and reading glasses.

Protect your vision and see clearly near and far. Order Przene’s innovative readers today!

Product Details

4 Pairs Included

– 2 Cat Eye Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses
– 2 Butterfly Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

Spring Hinges

– Flexible arms prevent breakage and looseness over time

Light Blue Light Filtering

– Reduces eye strain without distorting colors

Chic & Stylish Frames

– Trendy cat eye and butterfly shapes flatter all

Scratch & Smudge Resistant

– Prevents lens damage from regular use


– Minimizes glares for distortion-free view

Lightweight TR90 Frame

– Durable thermoplastic material; won’t tug ears


  • Filters intense blue light from digital screens
  • Alleviates eye fatigue from extended reading
  • Reduces headaches and migraines triggered by screens/books
  • Cat eye and butterfly frames complement all face shapes
  • Flexible spring hinges prevent breakage and looseness
  • Light tint maintains clarity while protecting eyes
  • Blocks UV and HEV radiation that can damage eyes
  • Resists lens scratches, smudges, and fingerprints
  • Allows safer nighttime reading on tablets or e-readers
  • 4 pairs means you always have readers handy at home or on the go


  • Reading e-books on tablets, phones, Kindles, etc.
  • Working on the computer for extended periods
  • Browsing on laptops, smartphones, and other devices
  • Reading printed books, magazines, textbooks for long sessions
  • Reducing glare while reading outside in sunlight
  • Using screens before bed without affecting sleep
  • Driving at night to cut glare from bright headlights
  • Crafters reading intricate patterns and instructions
  • Protecting eyes after laser eye surgery

Who Should Use Przene Blue Light Reading Glasses?

  • Students – Reading textbooks, essays, papers
  • Professionals – Reduces computer eye strain
  • Bookworms – Reading print without eye fatigue
  • Gamers – Filters screens during long play sessions
  • Craft Lovers – Prevents headaches from reading patterns
  • Drivers – Cuts glare from bright headlights at night
  • Those with migraines – Prevents headaches triggered by reading
  • Trouble Sleeping – Allows safer use of screens before bed
  • Had laser eye surgery – Protects eyes post-procedure

Tired, strained eyes don’t have to be the price you pay for being a bookworm in the digital age. Przene’s blue light blocking reading glasses allow you to enjoy novels, textbooks, and articles without discomfort. Their innovative lenses filter the most damaging blue light wavelengths while maintaining perfect color accuracy and clarity.

The chic cat eye and butterfly frames keep the glasses securely in place while complementing your face. Their lightweight durability ensures long-lasting wear whether at home, work, school, or on the go. And the set of 4 means you’ll always have a pair handy!

Don’t let eye fatigue slow your reading down. Przene’s readers protect your vision while helping you read comfortably anywhere. See the difference today!


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