Protect Your Child’s Eyes from Harmful Blue Light with KDDOU Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses



In today’s digital world, kids are exposed to screens more than ever before. From school-issued laptops and tablets to smartphones, TVs, and gaming systems at home, artificial blue light poses a real threat to children’s eye health and wellbeing. That’s why having a pair of blue light blocking glasses is so important for your child’s developing eyesight and overall health.

The KDDOU Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses are specially designed to filter out more than 99% of harmful blue light and 99.9% of UV rays from digital devices. By reducing exposure to these high-energy visible (HEV) lights, the glasses help prevent digital eye strain, fatigue, headaches, and sleep issues in children.

Available in a fun assortment of colors and styles, these glasses will appeal to any kid’s sense of fashion. The extremely lightweight TPEE frame maximizes comfort and allows for hours of uninterrupted use. Each pair weighs just 0.35oz, so your child will barely notice them on. The adjustable nose pads ensure a customized fit for children ages 3-12 years old.

Key Features:

Blocks Harmful Blue Light Rays – Proprietary lenses filter out over 99% of blue light from the screens of electronic devices like phones, tablets, TVs, and computers. This protects eyes from digital eye strain and other issues associated with blue light exposure.

Filters 99.9% of UV Rays – The lenses also block 99.9% of ultraviolet rays, providing protection against sun damage.

Multiple Styles and Colors – With so many fun options, you’re sure to find a frame your kid will love wearing. Choose their favorite color or pattern!

Lightweight Design – Weighing just 0.35oz, these glasses are ultra lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear. Kids won’t even realize they have them on.

Adjustable Fit – With adjustable nose pads and flexible arms, the glasses provide a customized fit for children ages 3-12 years old.

Premium Lens Material – Lenses are crafted from optical-grade lenses for crisp, clear vision. Kids can see clearly while getting blue light protection.

Blue Light Test Kit – Each order includes a blue light tester card and LED tool. Easily demonstrate blue light filtering to explain the glasses’ benefits.

Protect Your Child’s Health and Vision

Long-term exposure to blue light from screens may lead to digital eye strain, headaches, blurry vision, trouble sleeping, and even retinal damage over time. Young eyes are especially vulnerable as they continue to develop.

By starting your child on blue light glasses early, you can promote healthy habits and vision for the digital world we live in. The KDDOU Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses are designed specifically with your child’s eye health in mind.

The fun styles encourage kids to wear their glasses consistently. And the included demo kit allows you to show your child how the glasses block blue light, so they understand the benefits. Invest in your child’s health today and order a pair of KDDOU Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses!

What’s Included:

– 2 Pairs of KDDOU Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses
– 2 Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
– 1 Blue Light Test Card
– 1 Blue Light LED Tester Tool
– 1 Mini Glasses Case

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of blue light blocking glasses?

Wearing blue light filtering glasses helps prevent digital eye strain, headaches, blurry vision and trouble sleeping from excessive blue light exposure. The glasses also block 99.9% of UV rays.

What’s the difference between blue light and UV rays?

Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum emitted from digital screens. UV rays are an invisible type of radiation from the sun that can damage skin and eyes.

Can kids see clearly while wearing the glasses?

Yes, the optical-grade lenses are designed to filter out blue light while maintaining crystal clear vision. Kids can comfortably see their screens and surroundings.

How do I know if my child needs blue light glasses?

If your child regularly uses screens and complains of tired eyes, headaches, trouble sleeping or other digital eye strain symptoms, blue light glasses can help provide relief. They make a great protective measure.

How long should kids wear blue light glasses each day?

We recommend wearing the glasses any time your child is exposed to screens like phones, computers, tablets, etc. The more consistently they wear them, the greater the protective benefits.

Don’t wait – order your KDDOU Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses today to promote your child’s eye health and comfort in our digital world.


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