proSPORT Women’s Full Coverage Reading Glasses – Sparkling Crystal Clear Lenses and Glittery Frames for Holiday Style



Upgrade your reading glasses with these chic and dazzling proSPORT women’s readers featuring full lens coverage and colorful glitter frames. The full lenses provide optimal visual clarity and UV protection, while the fun and flashy frames add that extra sparkle perfect for the holidays and year-round fashion.

Clear, Magnifying Reading Lenses for Strain-Free Vision

Do your eyes feel tired and strained when reading fine print or doing close-up tasks like sewing or needlework? These full lens reading glasses have precision-ground magnifying lenses to provide visual aid and reduce eye fatigue. The transparent lenses ensure accurate magnification with no distortion – straight lines will appear straight when viewing through these glasses. The lightweight rectangular lenses come in a range of diopter powers from +1.50 up to +3.00. Find your perfect strength for reading mail, books, newspapers, menus, labels, instructions and more.

Block 100% of UV Rays and Resist Scratches

Harmful UV exposure doesn’t stop when you’re indoors. Protect your eyes from UVA/UVB rays with the full UV400 protection coating on these reading glasses. Enjoy glare-free viewing and reduced eye strain when reading outside or near windows. The scratch-resistant lenses retain their clarity and prevent minor scratches from daily wear.

Slim, Lightweight Reading Glasses Frames

The sparkling glitter frames on these readers add a touch of holiday magic to your look. Tiny micro-glitter flecks are embedded into the plastic for a permanent, non-fading glitter effect. The lightweight acetate frame feels comfortable and fits securely with its adjustable spring hinges. Measuring 5.5 inches wide, the rectangular silhouette flatters various face shapes. At just 0.5oz, you’ll barely notice these featherlight readers. Available in festive colors like red, green, silver, gold and more to complement your outfits.

Designed for All-Day Wearing Comfort

Whether you wear them for occasional reading or all-day, these women’s reading glasses are designed for comfort. Adjustable spring hinges allow flexible and custom temple fitting. Padded nose pads prevent skin irritation and slippage. The evenly balanced frame distributes weight for headache-free wear. Pull out these glittery readers anywhere – reading, sewing, painting, cooking, crafting, and more.

Comes Complete with Matching Glitter Case

Keep your sparkly reading glasses safe and scratch-free with the included matching glitter case. The soft padded interior protects the lenses, while the exterior displays that same vibrant glittery finish. Bring these magnified glasses along in your purse, bag or pocket.

More Reasons to Love These Sparkling Readers:

  • Full lens magnification eliminates distortion
  • Lightweight and durable acetate frame construction
  • Adjustable spring hinges for secure, comfy fit
  • Padded nose pads prevent slipping
  • Blocks 100% UV radiation
  • Scratch-resistant lenses retain clarity
  • Great for reading, hobbies, crafts and more
  • Bold glittery colors complement outfits and holiday looks
  • Soft glitter case protects lenses from scratches
  • Available in powers from +1.50 to +3.00

Choose Your Strength and Frame Color

Don’t squint or struggle with small text again! Pick up a pair of these magnifying reading glasses to reduce eye strain during close-up activities. With a range of lens strengths, you can find the perfect magnification power for your needs. The vibrant glitter colors like red, green, gold, silver and more add some festive flair to your eyewear.

Stay stylish and comfortable this holiday season and all year round with these sparkling proSPORT women’s full lens reading glasses! Their precise optical lenses reduce eye fatigue, while the flashy glitter frames add a fun pop of color.


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