proSPORT Gradient Bifocal Sunglasses for Men and Women – Stylish Aviator Readers with Near Invisible Magnified Line



Stay stylish while improving your vision with the proSPORT Gradient Bifocal Sunglasses. These modern aviator-style sunglasses feature gradient lenses that are tinted darker at the top and gradually get lighter towards the bottom, making it easier to read and use your phone when you look down.

The key feature of these sunglasses is the bifocal reading magnifier at the bottom third of the lenses. This magnified area separates from the regular vision area with a near invisible line, so your bifocal sunglasses look sleek and natural. No more unsightly bifocal lines!

Discreet, Stylish Vision Support

As we get older, we all need a bit of vision support now and then. But who wants to advertise that with awkward looking glasses? With proSPORT sunglasses, no one has to know!

The gradient bifocal lenses offer all the magnification you need while looking like a regular pair of shades. Just slightly tilt your head down to read fine print, see your phone screen, or work on small projects. When you look straight ahead, the magnification isn’t noticeable at all.

These sunglasses allow you to discretely improve your vision without announcing it to the world. Now you can maintain your active lifestyle with a bit of assistance.

Premium Durability and Comfort

proSPORT sunglasses are designed for active lifestyles. The durable frames are constructed from lightweight, hypoallergenic nickel alloy that won’t irritate skin or fall apart with frequent use.

The stylish aviator shape features adjustable rubber nose pads to prevent slipping. Spring loaded temples gently hug your head for a secure fit that stays put all day.

You’ll forget you’re even wearing vision-enhancing eyewear! The frames are polished for a smooth, comfortable feel. Minimal frame contact means you can focus on your activities, not your glasses.

Magnification Options for Every Vision Need

No two people have the exact same vision needs. That’s why proSPORT sunglasses are available in a range of magnifying powers:

  • +1.50
  • +2.00
  • +2.50
  • +3.00

If your prescription is in between the standard powers (like +1.25 or +1.75), simply round up to the nearest 0.25 option for optimal visual support.

With low to medium strength magnification options, these sunglasses can boost your existing vision while still allowing you to see clearly in the distance.

Full Sun UV Protection

Don’t forget sunglasses aren’t just for vision assistance – they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays too!

The gradient tinted lenses filter 100% of UVA/UVB radiation, keeping your eyes healthy and comfortable in bright sunlight. The darker tint at the top Gradually lightens towards the bottom, making it easier to read and work while still blocking glare.

You’ll be able to enjoy your active, sunny lifestyle safely with proSPORT’s effective UV protection. No more squinting in the sun!

Designed for Any Activity

proSPORT sunglasses are your perfect eyewear companion for:

  • Driving
  • Golfing
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Beach vacations
  • Yard work
  • DIY projects
  • Shopping and dining out
  • And so much more!

Their classic style complements both casual and formal outfits so you can wear them anywhere.

The durable nickel alloy frames and scratch-resistant lenses hold up well to frequent use. You don’t have to worry about breaking them on adventures!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee with your purchase. If you are not completely happy with your proSPORT sunglasses, return them within 30 days for a full refund or replacement. No questions asked!

We also provide a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Your sunglasses are covered against defects in materials and workmanship.

Give the proSPORT Gradient Bifocal Sunglasses a try today! We know they’ll become your favorite shades.


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