Prospek Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids – High Optical Quality Clear Lenses, Anti Eye Strain and UV Protection



Tired of your kids complaining of headaches and eye strain after long hours in front of screens? As parents, we all want to protect our children’s eyesight and wellbeing. That’s why Prospek has created these top-quality blue light blocking glasses specifically designed for kids.

Made with high optical quality polycarbonate lenses, these glasses effectively filter out 90% of harmful blue light emitted from digital devices like phones, tablets, TVs, and computers. This protects your child’s eyes from eye fatigue and potential long-term damage associated with over-exposure to blue light.

At the same time, the clear, non-tinted lenses maintain color accuracy and image clarity, unlike yellow-tinted “gamer glasses” which distort colors. Your child can see screens clearly while benefiting from the blue light protection.

The lightweight frames are designed for comfort, with adjustable arms to ensure a customized fit. The durable construction means these glasses can withstand the rigors of everyday kid use. Your child can wear them during study sessions, playtime, car rides, and any other screen activities without worry.

Not only do these glasses shield eyes from blue light, they also block 100% of UVA/UVB radiation up to 400nm, providing protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

Other key benefits and features:

– 8 layer anti-reflective and smudge resistant lens coatings for maximum visual acuity
– Unisex style in 5 fun color choices to suit any kid’s personal style
– Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses exceed FDA impact standards for safety
– Flexible TR90 memory plastic frames retain shape after bending
– Soft silicone nose pads prevent slipping and discomfort

Give your kids the gift of healthy eyesight with Prospek blue light blocking glasses. Using advanced lens technology in a durable, lightweight frame, these glasses are specially engineered to protect developing eyes.

Kids already face multiple vision challenges in the digital age. Myopia (nearsightedness) rates have skyrocketed due to increased use of screens from an early age. Over 70% of children suffer from visual symptoms tied to technology use.

Our blue light glasses tackle this issue head-on. By filtering high-energy blue wavelengths, they prevent digital eye strain that can undermine kids’ visual health both short and long-term.

The results are clear:

– Reduced headaches/eye fatigue from screens
– Decreased blurry vision or difficulty focusing
– Less irritation, dryness, or burning sensation in eyes
– Improved sleep when using before bedtime
– Heightened visual processing and concentration
– Overall protection against blue light exposure risks

So you can feel confident your child’s eyes are shielded, whether they’re enjoying virtual learning, gaming, video-chatting with friends, or streaming movies.

We know parents face many choices when it comes to kids’ eyewear. Here are key reasons to choose Prospek:

– Kid-centric sizing for ideal fit and comfort
– Durable construction holds up to daily activity
– Lenses formulated specifically to block blue light
– Premium quality at an affordable price
– Peace of mind from a trusted American brand

Prospek has a proven reputation for effective, innovative blue light solutions. We research the latest in lens technologies and eyewear trends to give your family only the best.

Your child’s eyes deserve the best protection too. That’s why our kid’s blue light glasses are:

– Ophthalmologist tested and approved
– Compliant with FDA impact standards
– Made with environmentally friendly materials
– Backed by a risk-free satisfaction guarantee

We know you take your child’s health and safety seriously. We do too! Make the healthy choice with Prospek blue light blocking glasses for kids. Order a pair today and start protecting their eyes.


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