Progressive Multifocal Safety Glasses with Readers Photochromic Sport Magnifying Safety Reading Goggles for Men Women



Experience sharp, clear vision at any distance with the revolutionary Progressive Multifocal Safety Glasses with Readers. Unlike traditional bifocals or reading glasses, these innovative safety goggles feature progressive multifocal lenses that provide seamless transition between three vision zones. The ingenious triplet lens design offers crystal clarity whether you’re viewing nearby tasks, computer screens or distances.

The upper zone has a light reading magnification for clear distance vision and intermediate computer work. The center zone provides slightly stronger magnification for reading and close-up tasks. The lower zone offers maximum magnification for reading fine print and details. The smooth progression between zones allows your eyes to transition naturally without any blurry cut-off lines. No more constantly switching between separate reading and distance glasses!

Built for protection and performance, these durable safety goggles meet ANSI Z87.1 impact standards. The wraparound polycarbonate frame offers expanded peripheral vision and side protection from flying debris. The adjustable rubber nose piece ensures a comfortable, custom fit. The scratch-resistant lenses filter out 99.9% of harmful UV rays. Whether you’re doing construction, carpentry, metalwork or other industrial jobs, these safety goggles provide reliable eye protection with the added benefit of readers.

Going beyond basic safety eyewear, these goggles also feature photochromic lenses that adapt to changing light conditions. The lenses darken automatically in sunlight, providing sunglass-like tinting. This helps reduce glare and eye fatigue when working outdoors in bright conditions. In low light, the lenses turn clear again for optimal visual clarity. Enjoy the benefits of self-tinting lenses without compromising optical precision.

With their sporty wraparound design, the safety reading goggles are also perfect for active pursuits like fishing, hunting, cycling, running, and water sports. The lightweight yet durable TR90 frames ensure long-lasting performance and comfort for any activity. Whether you’re tackling DIY repairs, outdoor hobbies, or yardwork, you’ll appreciate the protection, visual clarity and adaptability.

Getting the right magnification strength is important for maximizing visual acuity. Use the following as a general guide:

+1.00 to +1.50 – Basic magnification for computer use, mild close-up tasks
+1.75 to +2.25 – Ideal for reading books, newspapers, magazines, menus
+2.50 to +3.00 – Stronger magnification for detail work, price tags, ingredients

Hold a text sample at your preferred working distance. The strength you can read comfortably at that distance is your ideal magnification. Start on the lower end if unsure. You can always gradually increase magnification over time as your vision changes.

With their innovative progressive lenses, wraparound protection, and photochromic technology, these multifunctional safety reading goggles are designed to be your eyewear for every occasion. Ditch the hassle of switching between separate reading glasses, distance glasses, sunglasses and safety eyewear. This all-in-one vision solution has got you covered! See clearly and safely in true hands-free convenience.


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