Pro Optics Pro-Nose Guard – Lightweight Eyeglass Suspension for Comfortable Wear



Tired of your eyeglasses irritating or causing discomfort on your nose? The Pro Optics Pro-Nose Guard provides a painless and lightweight alternative to taping glasses or dealing with painful pressure from the bridge resting on your nose.

This innovative eyeglass suspension system features an adjustable elastic headband and a soft foam pad that rests gently on your forehead. A special lightweight plastic “hook” connects to the nose bridge of your eyeglasses and suspends them comfortably in front of your eyes without putting any pressure on your nose.

Alleviate Discomfort from Nasal Fractures or Surgery

If you are recovering from nasal surgery or fractures, you know how agonizing it can be to wear eyeglasses that put any pressure on the nasal area. The Pro-Nose Guard eliminates that pain by keeping your eyewear completely off your nose. The elastic band adjusts to fit all head sizes, while the padded hook lets your glasses float on your face without uncomfortable resting on your delicate nasal region.

One-Size-Fits-Most Design

The Pro-Nose Guard isn’t a bulky or complicated device. It features a simple yet effective design with an elasticized headband that can stretch to fit most head sizes. The lightweight plastic hook smoothly attaches over your eyeglasses’ bridge and suspends them off your nose with no pinching or unstable slipping. Between the gentle forehead pad and adjustable elastic band, you get a custom fit that works for women, men, teens, and pre-teens.

All-Day Comfort You Can Trust

Don’t be bothered with readjusting eyewear all day or dealing with sore spots from the nose pads. The Pro-Nose Guard brings reliable comfort whether you wear prescription glasses or safety glasses for long periods. The soft foam pad avoids irritation on your forehead while the elastic band stays put. Your glasses remain securely and gently suspended in the perfect position all day long without you even noticing they are off your nose!

A Better Option Than Taping Glasses

Many people try to jury rig their glasses by taping them to their forehead or ears when the nose area is too tender. This leaves you with a headache trying to get the tape positioned just right while avoiding messing up your hairstyle. The Pro-Nose Guard works better than tape to suspend glasses off your nose with a quick and painless setup. No more wrestling with tape or ending up with sticky residue in your hair.

Discrete and Durable

The Pro-Nose Guard has a low profile plastic hook and thin elastic headband that provide suspension and comfort without looking big and bulky. The durable and lightweight materials are designed for extended wear. Just slip it on and enjoy relief without drawing unwanted attention to the fact your glasses aren’t actually sitting on your nose!

Avoid Unnecessary Suffering and Enjoy Your Eyewear Again

Don’t let nasal injuries, surgery recovery, or regular discomfort keep you from being able to wear your vision or safety eyewear. The Pro-Nose Guard takes all the pressure off your nose for pain-free wear. Now you can focus on healing or work instead of being distracted by glasses poking at tender areas.

What’s Included

– Elasticized headband

– Plastic hook with foam pad

– Complete setup instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Pro-Nose Guard work with my eyeglass frames?

The hook is designed to work with most eyeglass frames. It can securely attach to metal or plastic frames with nose bridges.

How do I put on and adjust the Pro-Nose Guard?

Put the headband on first and adjust it to the appropriate tightness and positioning on your head. Then attach the plastic hook over the bridge of your glasses. Adjust the glasses to float at the perfect height in front of your eyes without touching your nose.

Is the hook bulky on my glasses?

No, the lightweight plastic hook is low profile and won’t add noticeable bulk to your eyewear.

Can I wear the Pro-Nose Guard all day?

Yes, the Pro-Nose Guard is designed for long-term wear. The materials and design provide reliable comfort and suspension that you can trust for daily use.

What if it doesn’t fit my head size?

The elastic band is made to stretch to fit most head sizes. However, if you need a longer size, you can contact the seller for a fit guarantee.

Don’t suffer through wearing uncomfortable eyewear any longer! Experience relief and enjoy your glasses again with the Pro Optics Pro-Nose Guard eyeglass suspension system. This simple yet highly effective product will make your glasses feel weightless without compromising fit and vision.


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