Peepers by PeeperSpecs Women’s Olympia Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses – Retro Round Frames Filter Harmful Rays



Keep Your Eyes Healthy and Stylish with Peepers Olympia Blue Light Reading Glasses

Do your eyes feel tired and strained after hours of staring at screens? Peepers Olympia reading glasses can help! These retro round frames block over 40% of high-energy blue light from electronics to reduce headaches, eye fatigue, and sleep disruption.

Peepers engineered their proprietary lenses to make digital devices easier on the eyes. The Olympia reading glasses also shield against UV rays and glare. Now you can browse, read, and work while protecting your vision and looking fabulous!

Key Benefits:

– Blocks over 40% of harmful blue light from digital screens and sun

– Reduces headaches, blurred vision, and eye strain from screens

– Filters 99.9% of UVA/UVB rays that damage eyes

– Anti-reflective coating prevents glare and enhances clarity

– Scratch-resistant lenses retain clarity and resist smudges

– Lightweight TR90 frames in fun, modern colors

– Spring hinges and silicone nose pads for secure comfort

Give Your Eyes a Break from Digital Screens

Tablets, phones, televisions, laptops…most of us spend several hours a day staring at digital screens. This excessive blue light exposure can lead to eye strain, fatigue, dry eyes, headaches, and disrupted sleep patterns.

Peepers Olympia reading glasses have amber tinted lenses that filter over 40% of high-energy blue light that electronics emit. This alleviates eye fatigue and strain while making screens easier to look at for longer. The glasses also block 99.9% of UV rays from the sun, protecting eyes from damage.

Whether you’re working, reading emails, browsing online, or streaming videos, Peepers Olympia glasses shield your eyes. Their lightweight frames and silicone nose pads provide a comfortable, secure fit too.

Retro Round Frames Fit for Any Face

These blue light filtering glasses feature classically-inspired round frames that suit both women and men. The transparent TR90 frames come in versatile colors like Tortoise, Leopard, and Crystal.

The round lens shape and keyhole bridge design complement a wide range of face shapes and sizes. Flexible spring hinges allow the arms to grip your head gently without squeezing. Soft silicone nose pads prevent sliding.

Peepers designed these blue light computer glasses to be lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear. The frames won’t leave marks on your nose or ears even after prolonged use.

Superior Lens Technology for Undistorted Viewing

Peepers only uses the highest quality lenses optimized for clarity and protection. Their proprietary blue light filtering technology reduces eye strain without distorting colors or contrast like other glasses.

A 7-layer anti-reflective coating eliminates lens glare, while the scratch-resistant exterior keeps lenses clear and smudge-free. Enjoy sharp, crisp visuals while warding off eye fatigue.

The Olympia glasses filter just the right blue light wavelengths to avoid disrupting your sleep cycle if using screens at night. Putting on a pair of Peepers means healthier, happier eyes.

Peepers Glasses for Computer and Phone Users

Do you spend many hours per day working on a laptop, browsing on a tablet, or looking at your phone screen? Make extended screen time easier on your eyes with Peepers Olympia blue light blocking glasses.

Just put on a stylish pair while using digital devices to:

– Reduce eye strain, fatigue, dryness, and headaches

– Filter high-energy blue light that disrupts sleep cycles

– Protect eyes from 99.9% of UV rays that cause damage

– See screens clearer with less glare due to anti-reflective lenses

Peepers Olympia glasses come in prescription or non-prescription. Lenses can be customized for your vision needs. Choose from fun transparent colors!

Peepers Blue Light Glasses – Love Your Eyes

Peepers eyewear is thoughtfully designed with your eye health in mind. Their Olympia reading glasses allow you to enjoy digital screens, reading, and other close-up activities without discomfort or long-term eye damage.

Experience the Peepers difference for yourself! If you don’t love your blue light blocking glasses, return them for a full refund thanks to the 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Make screen time a pleasure and give your eyes some TLC with Peepers Olympia glasses today!


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