Owlkim Magnetic Reading Glasses – Clear Frames with Anti Blue Light



Tired of constantly searching for your reading glasses? Frustrated when they slide down your nose or get lost in your purse? Owlkim’s magnetic reading glasses are the perfect solution! These innovative glasses feature a lightweight clear plastic frame equipped with strong mini magnets to keep your glasses securely in place. No more slipping or lost glasses!

The Owlkim magnetic reading glasses frame is designed with comfort in mind. The clear plastic frame is lightweight and durable, with adjustable silicone nose pads that provide a customized, non-slip fit. The frame measures 14.5cm wide and weighs just 22g, so you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them. Mini magnets are embedded in the frame at two key contact points near the nose bridge and temple tips. The magnets have a strong hold to keep the frames in place, but easily release with light pressure so you can comfortably remove the glasses when needed.

While the frame brings convenience, the lenses bring clarity and protection. Owlkim reading glasses utilize high index 1.5 lenses with an ultra-clear resin treatment that maximizes visual acuity. The lenses have a blue light blocking coating that filters out harmful blue light emitted from digital screens and LED lighting. This helps reduce eyestrain, headaches, andsleep disruption. The lenses are available in powers ranging from +1.00 to +2.50 so you can find the perfect strength for your eyes.

Owlkim magnetic reading glasses are perfect for:

  • Reading – Enjoy books, newspapers, magazines without slippage
  • Working on the Computer – Block blue light and prevent digital eyestrain
  • Doing Crafts and Hobbies – Keep glasses secure as you sew, paint, or build models
  • Watching TV – Reduce glare and relaxation comfortably

You’ll love the convenience of these magnetic reading glasses. No longer worry about your glasses sliding down your nose or falling off. The mini magnets keep them securely in place, while still allowing you to easily remove them when needed. Plus, the lightweight clear plastic frame with silicone nose pads provides durable and comfortable wear.

Upgrade your reading glasses and order Owlkim Magnetic Reading Glasses today! The innovative magnetic frame design provides security and convenience, while the high index resin lenses with blue light blocking treatment provide visual clarity and protection. Find your perfect power and enjoy frustration-free wear!

Product Features

  • Magnetic reading glasses frame with mini magnets to prevent slippage
  • Clear plastic frame is ultralightweight and durable
  • Adjustable silicone nose pads provide a customized, non-slip fit
  • Works with most prescription reading lenses
  • High index 1.5 lenses with anti-blue light coating
  • Powers from +1.00 to +2.50 for different vision needs
  • Reduce eyestrain from screens and LED lighting
  • Great for reading, computer work, hobbies, crafts, and TV


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