Outdoor Sports Multifocal Reading Glasses – Seamless Transition from Near to Far



Struggling to see the scoreboard or read your playbook outdoors? Our Outdoor Sports Multifocal Reading Glasses allow athletes, coaches, and sports fans to clearly see near and far—transitioning instantly when moving between indoor and outdoor lighting.

These active photochromic bifocal reading glasses combine magnification lenses for close-up viewing with photochromic lenses that activate outdoors to block glare and UV rays. The result? No more switching pairs to shift between reading stats and watching the game.

With prescription-ready frames and powers from 0 to +4.00, we offer complete customizeable vision correction for any sport.

Key Benefits:

Seamless Outdoor/Indoor Use

– Photochromic lenses activate in sunlight
– Block UV rays and reduce glare
– Clear indoors for crisp reading power

Prescription-Ready Bifocal Magnifiers

– Lens powers from 0 to +4.00
– Tailor strength for your needs
– Customizable with your prescription

Wraparound Sports Frame

– Lightweight flexible TR90 frame
– Comfortable padded nose and temples
– Stable fit for active movement

Premium Accessories

– Protective glasses case
– Microfiber cleaning cloth
– Ensure safe cleaning and storage

Bye Bye Switching Pairs. Hello Convenience.

Our Transition Sports Bifocals provide optical clarity in any environment so you can stay focused on the game, not your glasses.

Reading Stats & Playbooks: The magnification lenses let you quickly review stats, player positions, and plays without squinting or strain.

Watching the Action: The lower photochromic lenses activate outdoors to instantly transform into sunglasses that filter glare.

No Interruption: The seamless transition between viewing distances means no pausing to switch pairs as you look up and down.

Whether you’re a coach scanning the field with binoculars or a fan reading program stats, our sports bifocals let you do it all with one pair of glasses!

Premium Performance & Protection

We only use the highest quality materials and coatings to maximize visual clarity and prevent eye fatigue:

Photochromic – Automatically darkens lenses in sunlight
UV400 Protection – Blocks 100% of UVA/UVB rays
Anti-Reflective Coating – Reduces distracting glare
Scratch-Resistant – Prevents lens damage
Anti-Fog – Prevent fog buildup in humidity

Our flexible activewear TR90 frames provide a comfortable wraparound fit and won’t lose shape over time. The adjustable nose pads and arms ensure the glasses stay firmly in place when running and jumping.

The included glasses case and microfiber cloth keep the lenses safe and smudge-free.

One Pair. Any Sport. Total Vision.

Whether you’re coaching on the sidelines, cheering in the bleachers, or playing on the field, our Transition Sports Reading Glasses deliver the quick precision vision needed to see every detail without interruption.

Some sports and activities we recommend them for:

– Football – Scan plays and track players
– Baseball – Check stats and watch balls in flight
– Tennis & Racquet Sports – Read scores and see the ball
– Water Sports – See gauges and players above water
– Golf – Read scorecards and greens with ease
– Hiking & Outdoors – Read maps and enjoy views

We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence. Give your eyes the winning advantage with our Outdoor Sports Multifocal Reading Glasses today!


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