OPULIZE Ava 4-Pack Womens Reading Glasses – Brown Tortoise & Fun Colors with Spring Hinges



Treat yourself to a fun and fashionable set of reading glasses with the OPULIZE Ava 4-Pack. This set includes 4 pairs of women’s reading glasses in on-trend colors and styles that will have you looking fabulous while seeing clearly.

The set includes 1 pair in classic brown tortoiseshell as well as 3 pairs in fun, bright colors – pink, purple, and turquoise – so you can switch up your look to match your mood and outfit. The round lens shape and cat eye frames are chic and flattering for a variety of face shapes.

These readers are designed specifically for women, with comfortable fit and durable construction. The frames are lightweight yet sturdy, made from impact-resistant TR90 material that is also scratch-resistant. The spring hinges allow the arms to flex for a custom fit that stays secure without pinching behind your ears.

The plastic lenses are coated to protect against glare and filter out harmful UV and blue light. With a lens power of +2.00, these glasses provide clear magnification for tasks like reading books, texts, emails, ingredient labels, and more. They allow you to see clearly and comfortably at arm’s length.

When you’re not wearing them, the included soft microfiber pouch protects the glasses and prevents scratches while storing. It features a drawstring closure and compact size so you can easily tuck it into your purse, keep it in your glove box, or take it on the go.

Product Details:

  • Set includes 4 pairs of women’s reading glasses in various colors – brown tortoise, pink, purple, and turquoise
  • Round lens shape and cat eye frames are fashionable and flattering
  • Lightweight TR90 frames are durable and scratch-resistant
  • Spring hinges allow arms to gently flex for custom and comfortable fit
  • Non-polarized plastic lenses with UV/blue light coating and +2.00 magnification power
  • Soft microfiber drawstring pouch included to protect glasses when not in use

Why Choose OPULIZE Readers?

When it comes time to pick out reading glasses, there are a few important factors to consider – durability, comfort, magnification strength, and most importantly, style. With the OPULIZE Ava 4-Pack, you don’t have to compromise! You get fashionable, functional readers with versatile color options to match any outfit and look.

These OPULIZE readers are designed just for women. The flattering cat eye shape and on-trend colors complement feminine style. The lightweight TR90 material is much more durable than cheap plastic frames – it retains its shape and resists cracking over time.

The spring hinges create a custom fit that is comfortable without squeezing or pinching. The arms stay securely in place even during long reading sessions. The magnification strength of +2.00 allows you to see clearly at a normal working distance without straining your eyes.

With OPULIZE readers, you can look and feel your best while seeing clearly. Whether you wear them while responding to emails at the office, reading menus at a dimly-lit restaurant, or scanning through paperwork at home, these glasses won’t slow you down. Switch between the brown tortoise for a classic look, the pink for some flair, the purple for elegance, and the turquoise for fun! With 4 stylish pairs of readers at an affordable price, you’ll always have options.

For Hassle-Free Vision Correction

As we get older, having to hold books and menus further and further away can get frustrating. Straining to see and constantly removing your glasses is no way to live! With OPULIZE reading glasses, you can correct your vision hassle-free. The lightweight frames feel natural on your face, so you can wear them comfortably all day long without getting irritated behind your ears. The scratch-resistant plastic lenses stay crystal clear without the need for constant cleaning and maintenance. You can read, craft, cook, and complete detail-oriented tasks with ease thanks to the +2.00 magnification strength.

Stop letting blurry vision slow you down and give you headaches. Improve your quality of life with OPULIZE reading glasses! See clearly again from a normal distance so you can enjoy activities like:

  • Reading books, newspapers, magazines, recipes, ingredients, and more
  • Working on crafts and hobbies that require close-up vision
  • Viewing a computer, phone or tablet screen
  • Completing detailed tasks like signing documents, sewing, or doing bills
  • Reading menus in dim restaurants or low light conditions

With high-quality frames, scratch-resistant lenses, and precision magnification powers, OPULIZE delivers clear and comfortable vision correction. The spring hinges ensure a custom contoured fit for all-day wear. Plus, the assorted colors and chic cat eye shape add some style to your optical wardrobe!

Try OPULIZE Risk-Free!
We stand behind the quality of our reading glasses, which is why we offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. Enjoy clear, comfortable vision while feeling confident and stylish with OPULIZE readers! With multiple pairs at an affordable price, you can switch up your look daily.


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