OFFSCH 12 Pairs Silicone Eyeglass Retainers – Stop Slipping Glasses with Comfortable Ear Hooks



Keep your eyeglasses in place during sports, work and play with the OFFSCH 12 Pairs Silicone Eyeglass Retainers. Made of soft, flexible silicone, these handy sleeves slide onto the ends of your glasses’ temple arms to create a non-slip grip that secures your eyewear comfortbly behind your ears.

The simple but ingenious design prevents eyeglass slippage that can be annoying at best and hazardous at worst. The soft flaps anchor your glasses in place to stop them from sliding down your nose or bouncing with movements. This allows you to focus on your activities without constant glasses adjustments.

Each set comes with 12 pairs of reusable silicone sleeves to share between multiple eyewear. Mix and match clear and black sleeves for a customized look. The flexible silicone construction makes them easy to take on and off different frames.

Key Features:

  • 12 pairs of silicone sleeves for multiple glasses
  • Clear and black colors to customize look
  • Soft flaps create non-slip grip on temple arms
  • Prevents glasses from slipping down nose
  • Ideal for sports, work, hobbies and daily wear
  • Reusable design easily switches between frames
  • Comfortable and lightweight silicone

Stop Annoying Slippage

The silicone sleeves add tactile friction to the smooth plastic or metal of your eyeglass temple arms. This helps them grip the area behind your ears better so your glasses don’t slide down constantly.

The soft flaps wrap around the ends of the temple arms to anchor your eyewear in place. Just slide the sleeves on the straight part of the arms that sit behind your ears. Position them near the ends or further up the arms for the desired fit.

With your glasses firmly in place, you don’t have to interrupt your activity to push them back up. The sleeves allow you to focus on work, hobbies and sports without distracting slippage and adjustments.

Comfortable, Customizable Fit

The soft silicone construction provides a comfortable, non-slip fit that feels smooth behind your ears. The lightweight sleeves don’t add noticeable bulk or weight to your eyewear so you can wear them all day.

Mix and match the clear and black sleeves to create different looks. Coordinate them with your frames or use clear sleeves for a more discreet appearance.

The snug fit keeps your glasses stable while allowing easy removal when needed. Take the sleeves off to easily clean them and your frames.

Versatile Use

The sleeves are ideal for:

  • Sports – Prevent bouncing and keep sweat from making glasses slippery.
  • Work – Stop slippage from looking down at a desk or computer.
  • Reading – Glasses stay put when looking down at books.
  • Lounging – Keep glasses on if you nod off watching TV.
  • Hobbies – Focus on delicate work without slide adjustments.
  • Daily wear – Avoid constant annoyance of slipping glasses.

Great for adults, kids and elderly users alike, the sleeves provide universal utility for any glasses wearer.

Reusable Design

The sleeves slide on and off the temple arms effortlessly without leaving residue. Easily remove them to switch between different eyeglasses or to clean.

With 12 reusable pairs included, you can share them between multiple glasses. Keep extras handy in your eyewear case so you always have a spare set.

Give yourself the gift of glasses that stay in place with the OFFSCH Silicone Eyeglass Retainers. Stop slippage for good and enjoy distraction-free vision.


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