OCCI CHIARI Durable Women’s Reading Glasses – Crystal Clear 1.5 Magnification



As we get older, it’s common to experience age-related vision changes like presbyopia which makes reading small text difficult. But you don’t have to let blurry vision slow you down thanks to the OCCI CHIARI Durable Women’s Reading Glasses! These stylish and lightweight readers provide crystal clear 1.5 magnification so you can see small print easier.

The OCCI CHIARI reading glasses feature high-quality resin lenses that are optically accurate to provide distortion-free viewing. The 1.5 lens strength is ideal for tackling fine print in books, newspapers, magazines, menus, labels, documents and more. The lenses also have an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and eye fatigue when reading for extended periods.

Designed specifically for women, these readers have a flattering oversized square frame available in fashionable colors like black, gray, blue and purple. The translucent frames are made of durable TR90 material that’s lightweight and flexible for long-wearing comfort. Adjustable silicone nose pads prevent slipping and stay comfortable even after hours of wear.

Weighing only 21.7g, you’ll barely notice these featherlight glasses on your face. The spring hinges open wider to allow easy lens insertion by your optician. Sturdy yet flexible temples bend and flex as needed without snapping. Enjoy 3+ years of reliable use from these high-quality readers.

The OCCI CHIARI reading glasses provide a secure fit with:

  • Frame width of 5.51 inches
  • Lens width of 1.97 inches
  • Lens height of 1.46 inches
  • Bridge width of 0.83 inches
  • Temple arm length of 5.55 inches

The straight temples and oval lenses accommodate a variety of face shapes and sizes. Adjust the angle and grip of the arms to customize the fit for optimal visual clarity and all-day comfort.

In addition to everyday reading, keep these handy readers close at hand for:

  • Working on crafts and hobbies that require attention to detail like knitting, sewing, jewelry making, model building, etc.
  • Reading paperwork, spreadsheets, reports, memos, letters, and other documents for work
  • Glancing at your phone, computer, tablet, watch, and other devices
  • Reading menus, price tags, grocery labels, cookbooks, and recipes
  • Filling out forms, worksheets, bills, applications, taxes, and other paperwork
  • Reading board game instructions, maps, tickets, programs and more during leisure activities

The OCCI CHIARI reading glasses make a thoughtful gift for women who need a vision boost for any close-up tasks. Includes a glasses case, cleaning cloth, glasses rope and screwdriver. Order your pair today to look sharp and see sharper anywhere!


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