OCCI CHIARI Classic Full-Rimmed Square Retro Bifocal Reading Glasses – Crystal Clear 3.5x Magnification



Regain clarity and style with the OCCI CHIARI retro full-rimmed square bifocal reading glasses. These classic optical readers combine fashionable throwback design with crystal clear 3.5x magnification bifocals.

Retro-Inspired Style Meets Optical Functionality

Who says reading glasses have to look boring? The OCCI CHIARI bifocals feature a retro-chic square full-rimmed frame inspired by vintage 1950s eyewear. The glossy black acetate frames measure 140mm wide and 37mm high for a bold yet lightweight feel.

But these bifocal cheaters are more than just stylish accessories. Aspheric lenses span the entire width of the frames, providing magnified vision wherever you look. The built-in bifocal segment measures 1.125” x 0.6” to help you see near and far with ease.

Whether you need reading help for books, screens, menus, or anything in between, the OCCI CHIARI optical readers have your vision covered in vintage throwback fashion.

Key Features:

  • Retro full-rimmed square frame design
  • Glossy black acetate frame material
  • 140mm frame width, 37mm frame height
  • Built-in 3.5x magnification bifocal segment
  • Bifocal segment measures 1.125” x 0.6”
  • Aspheric lenses for distortion-free vision
  • Spring hingesfor customized fit
  • Lightweight feel for comfortable all-day wear
  • Includes eyeglass case and cleaning cloth

Crystal Clear Magnified Vision

The aspheric bifocal lenses offer optics that are optically precise from edge to edge. This reduces blur, distortion, and magnification issues that can occur with lower quality readers.

The built-in bifocal segment provides 3.5x magnification power for crisp close-up vision. Whether you’re reading books or menus, crafting, doing computer work, or any detailed task, see everything in sharp focus.

The bifocal boost spans the full width of the lenses, allowing you to seamlessly look up and down without interruption. The wider reading area also maximizes quick side-to-side viewing.

Enjoy glare-free visual clarity wherever you look with the optical quality of the OCCI CHIARI cheater bifocals.

Lightweight Comfort for All-Day Wear

Despite the bold, full-framed design, the OCCI CHIARI readers remain lightweight and comfortable for extended wear.

The glossy acetate frame material is durable yet feather-light. Flexible spring hinges allow the temples to gently conform to your head for a custom feel.

The 37mm frame height and 20mm bridge width sit comfortably without sliding or pressure. At just 34g total weight, you may even forget you have them on!

Whether you need vision assistance all day at work or home, the optical readers are designed for long-wearing comfort.

Versatile Solution for Vision Needs

The OCCI CHIARI bifocal readers provide a versatile visual solution for many needs:

  • Presbyopia / Aging eyes – The 3.5x magnification helps compensate for age-related near vision decline.
  • Eye strain – Reduce eye fatigue when reading or doing close-up work.
  • Macular degeneration – Magnified lenses optimize vision with macular issues.
  • Cataracts – Counteract cloudy vision from cataracts.

Whether you need reading help due to natural aging eyes or specific vision conditions, OCCI CHIARI readers can make seeing details easier and more comfortable.

flattering Style for Men and Women

Don’t let vision decline mean compromising on style. The classic square full-rimmed design flatters all face shapes and looks great on both men and women.

The retro aesthetic gives visual assistance an upgrade. Keep your optical needs looking chic rather than clinical.

Ditch the boring drugstore readers and enjoy the visual clarity AND confident style of OCCI CHIARI bifocal reading glasses.

Customer Reviews

Mary S.
“I love the classy retro look of these bifocal readers! Not just for old ladies.”

James R.
“These have really helped reduce my eye strain when reading or using the computer for long periods.”

Sarah H.
“So lightweight and comfortable, I honestly forget I’m wearing them sometimes.”

For Optimal Vision Support

Regain clear comfortable vision with the OCCI CHIARI retro full-rimmed square bifocal reading glasses. Don’t settle for drugstore cheaters – look stylish while optimizing your eyesight with these magnified optical readers!


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