NORRAY Near Far Multifocal Progressive Women’s Brown Pink Retro Large Square Rivet Transition Photochromic Reading Glasses



Introducing NORRAY’s stylish and innovative near far multifocal reading glasses for women! The chic square riveted frames comes in a versatile brown and pink tortoiseshell pattern, flattering a wide range of complexions. But it’s the advanced lens technology that really stands out:

Multifocal Progressive Design: The lower portion of the lens magnifies text while the upper see distances clearly. No line divides the two – just a gradual change from top to bottom.

Transition Photochromic Lenses: These lenses automatically adjust their tint when exposed to UV rays. That means they darken outside in the sun and become clear again when you go indoors. No more switching between sunglasses and reading glasses!

With just one pair of these revolutionary women’s reading glasses, you have eyewear suited for both indoor and outdoor use. The lenses accommodate your needs whether reading a menu at a dimly lit restaurant or driving on a sunny day. The oversized 50mm square shape also provides a broad field of vision with fewer peripheral distortions.

In addition to the innovative multifocal photochromic technology, these women’s glasses offer:

Anti-Scratch Coating: A special multi-layer coating protects the lenses against scratches, smudges, dust, and oils. Easily wipe clean.

UV400 Protection: Harmful ultraviolet light is blocked 99.9% to guard your eyes.

Lightweight TR90 Frame: Durable polymer material that’s both flexible and resilient. The rivet accents and spring hinges add sleek style.

If you’re tired of keeping track of separate pairs for reading, distance, sun protection, and more, simplify with NORRAY’s 2-in-1 progressive sun readers! The multifocal lenses accommodate near and far. The photochromic tinting transitions for indoor and outdoor use. High-functioning yet fashionable eyewear!

We stand behind the quality of our women’s photochromic reading glasses. Please inspect upon arrival and contact us with any concerns. Our friendly customer service team will promptly assist you. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Why Choose Our Multifocal Photochromic Readers?

– All-purpose lenses for seeing near and far
– Automatically darken outdoors, clear indoors
– Broad visible range with fewer distortions
– Protect eyes from UV rays (UV400 blocking)
– Coated to resist scratches and smudges
– Durable TR90 frame with spring hinges
– Classic yet trendy tortoiseshell pattern
– Flattering angular square lens shape
– Unisex design suits men too

The Convenience of Progressive Photochromic Lenses

As we age, the lenses in our eyes gradually lose flexibility and the ability to change focus. Reading glasses become necessary to see things close-up. But then distance vision is blurry.

Constantly switching pairs is no solution. Especially when stepping outside means switching again from clear to tinted eyewear. But with NORRAY’s progressive photochromic glasses, you simply put on one pair suited for both near and far.

The smart lenses automatically adjust their tint as you move from indoor low light to outdoor brightness. The top lets you see distance while the bottom magnifies for reading. No visible dividing line – just a smooth gradient from top to bottom.

Whether working on the computer, reading a book, shopping, driving, walking outside, you’re covered!

Seamless Progressive Design for Comfort

NORRAY’s progressive no-line design incorporates distance and near correction seamlessly into one lens. Some multifocal lenses have large, abrupt transitions between sections. This can cause visible image jumps and headaches.

Our gradual zone-to-zone progression provides one smooth surface. Vision moves fluidly between focal points with no sudden changes. There’s little adaptation period and the broad channels minimize peripheral distortion.

The light responsive photochromic tint also ensures your eyes aren’t strained. Outdoors, the lenses darken to reduce glare. Indoors they return to a comfortable tint for low light.

Enjoy extended wear without fatigue or eye discomfort. NORRAY multifocal photochromic lenses have you covered morning to night!


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