Newsight Progressive Multifocal Women Cat Eye Transition Photochromic Reading Glasses UV400 Protection Sunglasses



Stay stylish and protected with Newsight’s progressive multifocal women’s cat eye photochromic reading glasses. Featuring a sleek cat eye frame design, these glasses automatically adjust their tint when exposed to UV light, providing convenient protection against glare and harmful rays. The ingenious photochromic lens technology reacts to changes in lighting conditions, darkening when outdoors and fading back to a clear lens indoors. Plus, the lenses are embedded with UV400 protection to filter 100% of UVA and UVB rays up to 400nm.

The progressive multifocal design incorporates separate zones for near, intermediate, and distance vision correction, eliminating the need to constantly switch between multiple pairs of eyewear. The easy-to-clean scratch resistant lenses and lightweight TR90 frame with spring hinges ensure long-lasting comfort for all day wear. Slip these versatile glasses on for outdoor activities like driving, walking, and relaxing at the beach. Then seamlessly transition indoors to reading, computer work, watching TV, and more – no vision compromise required!

Key Features:

  • Photochromic cat eye reading glasses darken in sunlight, fade back indoors
  • Progressive multifocal lenses correct near, intermediate, distance vision
  • UV400 protection filters 100% of UVA/UVB rays up to 400nm
  • Lightweight TR90 frame with scratch resistant lenses
  • Spring hinges and nose pads provide a comfortable customizable fit
  • Flattering cat eye shape flatters a variety of face shapes
  • Easy to clean – just wipe with a microfiber cloth

Set Your Sights on Style and Vision Clarity

The sleek cat eye shape and bold color options of these photochromic glasses embody chic retro-inspired style. Whether you prefer classic black, fun tortoiseshell, or colorful brights like red, pink or blue, you’re sure to find a shade complementing your personal taste and wardrobe. The flattering upswept cat eye frame flatters oval, round, square and diamond face shapes.

The versatility of the progressive multifocal lenses means you no longer have to juggle multiple pairs of eyewear for indoor and outdoor use. Simply put on your Newsight cat eye glasses first thing in the morning and keep them on all day long for clear vision during any activity. Move freely between reading the morning paper, stepping outside to walk the dog, driving to run errands, working on the computer and watching TV after dinner – your lenses automatically adapt for optimal visual acuity.

Whether you need vision correction for the first time, or have been wearing progressive lenses for years, Newsight’s cat eye glasses provide the most seamless multifocal experience yet. The wider reading zone at the bottom of the lens offers sharp focus on close up objects like books and smartphones. The intermediate zone allows clear vision at arm’s length for cooking, shopping, and DIY projects. And the distance zone provides vivid clarity when driving or looking far ahead on a hike or city stroll.

Say goodbye to distorted peripheral vision and disorienting blurriness between zones. Engineered to reduce optical aberrations, these lenses offer superior visual consistency across the entirety of each viewing area. So you can go about your day with comfort, confidence, and chic style!

UV400 Protection for Healthy Outdoor Vision

Don’t let UV exposure damage your eyesight – stay protected with Newsight’s UV400 filtering technology. The embedded UV400 blocking filters out 100% of harmful UVA and UVB light up to 400 nanometers, the highest wavelength that can affect vision health. Prolonged UV exposure contributes to conditions like cataracts, macular degeneration, and growths on the eye. Shield your eyes with Newsight’s UV blocking cat eye sunglasses so you can enjoy clear, healthy vision for years to come!

Slip on these stylish sun readers knowing your eyes are safe from harsh glare reflecting off snow, water, sand and pavement. The photochromic lens conveniently adapts to changing light conditions for customized protection. When UV exposure increases outdoors, the lens darkens to a sunglass tint, then fades back to a clear lens when you go inside. Enjoy seamless vision clarity and safety in any environment with Newsight’s innovative photochromic cat eye glasses.


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