Myneon Near Far Multifocal Progressive Women’s Flower Purple Red Polygon UV400 Transition Photochromic Reading Glass



Tired of switching between multiple pairs of reading glasses? Struggling to see things up close and far away? Myneon’s multifocal progressive reading glasses are the stylish solution! These chic and functional frames feature varifocal lenses designed for both near and far vision. The lower portion of the lens has added magnification for effortless reading and close work. The upper area is optimized for distance viewing. The smooth progression between the two zones lets you seamlessly look up and down without interruption. No more hassle or blurred vision!

Myneon’s innovative transitional photochromatic technology also ensures optimum visual clarity in changing light. The lenses automatically darken when exposed to UV rays, providing glare reduction and protection from harsh sunlight. Yet they remain crystal clear indoors. It’s the best of both worlds! The lightweight TR90 memory polymer frames are durable and comfortable as well. The unique polygon pattern and vibrant purple and red colors add modern flair. Upgrade your eyewear wardrobe with these fashionable and functional multifocal reading glasses!

Key Features:

Multifocal Progressive Design: Lower portion of lens has added magnification for close-up reading and tasks. Upper area is optimized for distant viewing. Smooth transition between zones for continuous sharp vision at all ranges. No more switching pairs of glasses!

Transitional Photochromatic Lenses: Lenses automatically darken when exposed to UV light from sun, then quickly return to clear when indoors. Provides protection from harsh glares and eyestrain outdoors. Crystal clarity maintained inside.

Lightweight TR90 Frames: Durable thermoplastic polymer material is flexible and comfortable to wear. Hypoallergenic and corrosion resistant. Polygon pattern and mix of purple and red colors create a modern look.

Scratch-Resistant Coating: Special multi-layer coating protects lenses from scratches and damage from frequent cleaning and daily use. Preserves lens clarity.

UV400 Protection: Blocks 100% of harmful ultraviolet rays up to 400nm wavelength. Prevents eye damage from sun exposure. Filter category 3 standard.

Distortion-Free Optics: Precision-engineered lenses maintain undistorted text visualization even in peripheral vision. Maximizes reading performance.

Multifocal Versatility for Near and Far

If you suffer from presbyopia, the gradual loss of near focus that occurs with age, multifocal reading glasses are an appealing solution. Rather than constantly peering over the top of your readers or switching between separate pairs, Myneon’s multifocal design seamlessly integrates far and near vision correction into one lens. The upper area provides ideal magnification for viewing distances, while the lower portion boosts close-up clarity for reading fine print and threaded needles. The smooth transition zone lets you look up, down, and straight ahead without any blurriness or interruption. Whether you’re driving, watching TV, cooking, or reading a book, these glasses have you covered!

The comfortable lightweight frames hold the innovative varifocal lenses steadily in place. The durable TR90 memory polymer material conforms gently to your facial contours without pinching. The flexible ponytail-friendly temples let you customize the fit. The striking color pattern stands out from ordinary boring readers. With Myneon’s multifocal glasses, you’ll enjoy enhanced eyesight AND enviable style! Ditch the vision struggles and experience the freedom of seamless sight for all situations.

Smart Photochromatic Transitional Lenses

Ever get stuck wearing sunglasses on a dim overcast day? Or squint helplessly in bright sun without protection? Myneon’s variable tint reading glasses solve this problem beautifully! The intelligent photochromic lenses automatically adjust their darkness based on ambient ultraviolet light exposure. When outdoors, the lenses darken to a comfortable sunglass tint, filtering glares and sharpening visual contrast. As soon as you move inside, the lenses quickly return to their clear state. It’s remarkable technology!

The lenses react rapidly to changing conditions, ensuring you have the perfect tint at all times. On a partly cloudy day, you’ll see the lenses subtly lighten and darken with passing clouds and shadows. There’s no need to manually swap ordinary tinted readers when going outside. Myneon’s transitional lenses have you covered. Enjoy convenient crystal clarity and relief from harsh sunlight in one pair of adaptive eyeglasses. The UV400 coating provides full ultraviolet protection as well, guarding your eyes from invisible rays. When premium performance meets hands-free convenience, everyone wins!

Lightweight TR90 Memory Polymer Frames

Many reading glasses have thick, chunky frames that feel heavy and uncomfortable behind your ears and on the bridge of your nose. Myneon’s readers are wonderfully lightweight, thanks to the flexible thermoplastic TR90 polymer construction. The durable frames weigh a mere 17 grams, virtually disappearing on your face. The comfortable ponytail-friendly open earpiece design won’t squeeze your head or entangle in your hair.

Adjust the angle of the temples to customize the fit across your cheeks and around your ears. TR90 retains its shape even after bending and flexing to your proportions. The material is hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin as well. Vibrant purple and red swirled colors add eye-catching visual flair. Both men and women will appreciate the modern polygon pattern and lightweight comfort. Ditch the boring black readers and enjoy Myneon’s sleek colorful style!

Scratch Protection & Distortion-Free

Myneon equips these multifocal reading glasses with special scratch-resistant lenses. The durable multi-layer coating protects your lenses from fingerprints, smudges, dust particles, and constant cleaning. Micro-abrasions and damage can quickly degrade ordinary cheap readers. Myneon’s lenses maintain their crystal clarity day after day. The tough shell also resists impact damage if dropped.

In addition, Myneon’s meticulous lens design minimizes the distortion issues prevalent in cheaper low-quality readers. The curvature and thickness is engineered to preserve undistorted text visualization even at the edges of your peripheral vision. Words and lines stay straight, allowing you to read efficiently. Competing glasses often have slight magification, skew, or waviness around the sides – impairing reading speed and enjoyment. Myneon’s optics are optically precise in all zones. Expect sharp, crisp viewing without any fishbowl effects!

Try Myneon Multifocal Photochromic Glasses Risk-Free!

Don’t settle for blurry limited vision from ordinary single-focus readers. Experience the multifocal superpowers of Myneon’s innovative eyeglasses! The variable transitional tint lenses adjust to any lighting condition. The lower reading zone and far-view upper area provides seamless sight at any distance. Lightweight TR90 frames ensure durable long-lasting comfort.

Try these premium photochromic progressive readers risk-free with our money-back satisfaction guarantee. We stand behind our product quality and customer satisfaction. If you are not fully happy with your Myneon glasses for any reason, simply contact us to return them for a full refund or replacement. We aim to help you look great AND see clearly! Upgrade your wardrobe AND visual clarity now!


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