Myneon Multifocal Progressive Women’s Light Cat Eye UV400 Varifocal Transition Photochromic Reading Glasses



Tired of constantly switching between your regular glasses and reading glasses? Struggling to see things up close as you get older? Want stylish eyewear that also helps with age-related vision changes?

Look no further than these Myneon Multifocal Progressive Cat Eye Reading Glasses! Specially designed to accommodate both distance and near vision, these innovative glasses feature varifocal lenses that provide sharp visuals whether you’re looking far, middle or near. The lower portion of the lens has added magnification for effortless reading and close work.

See Clearly Near, Far and In Between

As we get older, our eyes have more difficulty focusing on objects up close. Regular bifocal or reading glasses solve the near vision problem but lack clarity for distance. With these multipurpose cat eye glasses, you get the complete visual package! The varifocal lenses have distance correction in the upper area and a “progressive” add in the lower portion for detailed near vision. There’s no visible line – just smooth transition between zones. You’ll enjoy seamless vision from 3 feet to infinity!

The lightweight, scratch-resistant lenses also have a premium anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and eye fatigue. The stylish, retro-inspired cat eye frame is flattering for women of all ages. Whether you’re reading, using the computer, viewing your phone, playing cards, knitting or seeing far away, these multi-use glasses have you covered!

Smart Photochromic Tech Adapts to Changing Light

Tired of constantly swapping between sunglasses and regular eyewear when moving in and out of sunlight? With Myneon’s innovative photochromic technology, the lenses automatically adjust their tint depending on lighting conditions. When exposed to UV light, the lenses darken. Out of the sun, they fade back to clear. It’s like having prescription sunglasses and regular glasses in one pair!

The smart lenses react quickly, darkening and fading in less than a minute. Enjoy seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor light without even thinking about it. The tint is also stabilized to prevent uneven darkening. Just put on these multifocal cat eye glasses and let the lenses do the work for you!

Sophisticated Cat Eye Style with Vintage Inspired Shape

These multifocal reading glasses for women feature a chic cat eye frame shape with feminine flair. The classic pointed cat eye silhouette is inspired by retro 1950s eyewear trends, but with modern updates. The lightweight frame features clear temple tips and subtle cat eye etchings near the corners. The front measures 14cm wide to flatter a variety of face shapes.

The fashionable cat eye shape is both flattering and functional. The angled frame style opens up your line of sight for unobstructed peripheral and downward vision. The vintage inspired cat eye remains a timeless, sophisticated look that pairs well with any outfit. Dress up casual ensembles or accent business attire with these stylish multifocal glasses. The cat eye shape adds a subtle touch of glamour!

Premium UV Protection with Scratch Resistant Lenses

Harmful UV exposure can contribute to eye problems like cataracts. Myneon reading glasses provide essential UV400 protection to filter 100% of UVA/UVB rays. The tinted lenses reduce glare and eye strain in the sun, while the clear indoor tint provides comfortable vision indoors and at night.

The scratch-resistant lenses feature a durable multi-layer coating for enhanced durability. The high-quality finish also repels dust, smudges, fingerprints and water. Easily clean with just soap and water. The protective coating and sturdy frame construction ensure long lasting performance from this eyewear.

Customizable Strength for Your Vision Needs

Order your Myneon cat eye progressive glasses in the magnification strength you need! Choose from options ranging from +1.0 to +3.0. Need help determining your strength? Hold reading material at your preferred distance. If the text is blurry, increase the strength until words look crisp and clear. Our +1.0 glasses are ideal for viewing objects approximately 30-40cm away. +2.0 is optimal for 30cm and +3.0 for 20cm.

Your multifocal glasses will arrive ready to wear with your selected magnification lens power. However, you may exchange for a different strength within 30 days if needed to get the perfect vision for your eyes. Our team is standing by to help you pick the right progression glasses strength!

Light and Comfortable Frame Design

Myneon’s eyeglass frames weigh just 15g with an ergonomic fit crafted for comfort. The lightweight TR90 frame material is flexible and durable. Adjustable silicone nose pads prevent slippage throughout your day. The 145mm wide temple arms have rubber accents to reduce pressure.

Whether you wear these progressive reading glasses for all-day use or just occasional vision help, you’ll appreciate the barely-there feel. The comfortable cat eye frame sits securely without pinching or headache. The smooth, featherweight structure almost seems to float on your face!

Easy to Use – Even Easier to Love!

Slip on these versatile cat eye glasses each morning for straightforward visual support all day. No more continuously switching between multiple pairs of eyewear or suffering blurry vision at certain distances. The ergonomic varifocal lenses adapt seamlessly as you shift your gaze near and far. After a brief adjustment period, your eyes and brain will integrate the lenses for automatic sharp vision at any range.

Free yourself from vision limitation and enjoy clear comfortable sight! Ditch the magnification cheaters, drugstore readers and prescription bifocals. With Myneon’s progressive cat eye glasses, you get beautiful style, premium performance and ergonomic visual comfort in one sleek modern package. Our convenient 1-pair solution corrects age-related near and far vision struggles for women on the go. Experience effortless sight clarity again with these revolutionary multifocal photochromic glasses!

Order with Confidence and See the Myneon Difference!

We stand behind our progressive cat eye reading glasses with a 30 day return policy and 12 month warranty. For questions or fit guidance from our Vision Experts, contact us at any time. Add this multi-use eyewear to your cart now to improve blurred vision, look fabulous and see clearly near and far!


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